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iChat is Pretty Cool

I've always been a hardcore Trillian user on Windows, so I was a little skeptical about using anything else to get to my buddies on AIM. iChat, which comes with the OS, is pretty decent though. The chatting appears as little bubbles next to the icon of the person typing in the text. It supports hyperlinks and all the basics, including the ability to set people's name so I don't have to wonder who MYFO278BGF is. … [Read more...]

The Tao of I. T. Al #5

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Free is good for about anything!  A well-made, extremely usable, and still free application is incredible!  Check out Xtralean's website and navigate to IMAGEWELL. First of all it's available in fifteen different languages and…but what does it do, you ask?  … [Read more...]

Installing New Applications

I have yet to have mastered how to install applications into my Mac. The first one I decided to try was Firefox. I went to the web site and it recognized that I was running a Mac. I clicked on the download link and everything proceeded pretty smoothly. I ran the install program that was downloaded and after the usual warnings about installing a different application I thought I had the application installed. … [Read more...]

A Hardcore Windows Guy Gets A Mac

I have been a Windows developer for many, many years. Before I was a Windows developer I was a DOS developer. I've always been a Microsoft fan, heavily invested in doing Windows development. Really, since 1984 - my first job doing professional software development - I have been true blue Microsoft. When I would watch the Mac ads with the nerdy PC guy and the cool Mac dude I always secretly rooted for the PC guy. Last year something interesting started to happen. Many of the people in my … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned Along The Way

While I do not know all there is to know about graphic design or running a small business, I am grateful for this fact.  Learning new things everyday is what keeps this business fun for me.  However along the way I have learned some hard lessons, and to me very big ones.  They have shaped who I am and how I run my studio on a daily basis.  I feel like they have made me more successful and I can only hope the education continues.  Some of you who are already freelance designers may have learned … [Read more...]

The Tao of I. T. Al #4

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I am a man of some habit, and one of those habits is to surf a couple of websites each morning even before I select the News site.  It has something to do with drinking the first cup of coffee and deciding to wake up with pleasant or interesting (to me) information before I have to grit my teeth at the foolishness of Man when I select World and National News. One of my morning websites is photography-related and gives you the option of Canon, Nikon, or everybody else camera questions and … [Read more...]

The Tao of I. T. Al #3

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Helvetica – What’s all that Hype about?

Can we say that typography, an art in the eyes of bibliophiles and graphic designers, can now be classified as art for the masses?  In addition to the release of Gary Hustwit's documentary film Helvetica this past year, (which by the way my typography class rated really good, and no one was caught napping) the Museum of Modern Art launched 50 years of Helvetica back in April of 2007 and will close the exhibition on March 31, 2008. … [Read more...]

Green Volcano’s Photon

Green Volcano has announced Photon 1.0.2, a digital image viewing and sorting application for Mac OS X. Photon has an intuitive interface based upon a stacks analogy to allow the user to quickly scan through large sets of high-resolution images. Photon can load images either from a hard disk or from a memory card. … [Read more...]

The Tao of I. T. Al #2

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