6 Articles You Should Read Before Upgrading to Snow Leopard

Certainly not this one. I have nothing to add to the debate. I ordered mine from Amazon this summer but I am waiting for at least another 3 or 4 months before upgrading. I can't afford to have my workflow disrupted at this time.

After reading Gizmodo's excellent Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Complete Guide, Dr. Roach's Tale of Install, and David Allison's Tale of Upgrade you should have a good handle on what to expect. Me? I don't want any surprises, especially ones like my forced upgrade to CS3 when I bought an Intel iMac.

The Mac OS X Snow Leopard Applications Blacklist

Self-explanatory, yes?

The Snow Leopard Compatibility Wiki

User-created wiki that promises to be an "exhaustive directory of Mac OS X 10.6 software, each with their compatibility status". 100+ Mac Apps on the disabled list and growing.

My Cost of Upgrading To Snow Leopard

Juan Magdaraog of EveryJoe.com writes of the "hidden costs" of upgrading to Snow Leopard: listed are all the programs he will have to upgrade and the resulting cost.

What Was Your Total Snow Leopard Upgrade Cost?

Kevin Purdy of Lifehacker has taken up EveryJoe's torch and decided to compile a list of programs that will need upgrades to work via users' comments.


and finally, mostly for web designers,


Why your Web content will look darker on Snow Leopard

John Nack explains about the gamma shift you can expect after installing Snow Leopard and why it matters.


Some notes from our fabulous friends on Facebook:

Rhett Butler

You should be fine unless you are working with a WACOM Cintiq. I have heard word that even WACOM tablets have trouble with Snow Leopard. If by chance you utilize a Cintiq (which I do), then you will be unable to get a good picture. The image will be very pixelated. This is due to the gamma output switch with Snow Leopard. As of right now, both WACOM and Apple are blaming each other for the issue. It is possible that a new driver will be available to correct this by late October.

Arik Renee Avila

I'm upgraded already but I have a new mac pro... for me it was easy and seamless... though right now it seems to behave the same. Quicktime users beware... it installs Quicktime X <-- has 10% of what QT pro had... but you CAN still use QT pro you just have to go through the old menu to find it.


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