Already time for a new Mac

I’ve had the MacBook for just over two and a half months now. I’ve grown to really enjoy working on the little machine; so much so that I will use any excuse to spend time on it. All my web browsing, RSS feeds, e-mail, word processing, blogging, instant messaging, etc. happens on the MacBook now. If I have a meeting outside the office I snap the machine shut, place it in it’s form fitting black neoprene Incase sleeve and take it with me wherever I go. It has become my trusty sidekick.

There is one thing though that always makes me grudgingly turn to my Windows XP machine: that’s where I really do all of my development work. I am still committed to Visual Studio and C#. Sure, I have VMWare Fusion installed on my MacBook and it is capable of running my development environment but the screen real estate is too small for the code / test / debug cycle. For that I need lots and lots of pixels and simply adding an external monitor is not enough.
My Windows XP machine has two beautiful Samsung SyncMaster 204B LCDs running 1600×1200 side by side (effectively 3200×1200). I thought to myself that those two monitors would look pretty cool running OS X, wouldn’t they?
Well, last weekend I went out and ordered a Mac Pro to compliment the MacBook. Based on all of the feedback I’ve received I decided to go with a refurbished current generation model: 8 core / dual 2.8GHz processors. This particular machine comes with a 320GB drive and 2GB of RAM. I also ordered additional memory and a couple of 1TB hard drives for all of my photos, video and backups from some different vendors. When all is installed it will have 12GB of memory and 2.3TB of disk space. I’ll be writing about all of this after I put it all together and see how it performs.
So far everything is here except one key piece: the Mac Pro itself. According to FedEx it should be here today. Somehow I think this is going to be a painfully slow Friday until it arrives.
As usually happens when I obtain new technology, my older equipment cycles downstream. The Windows XP machine will remain on my desk, though mainly as a resource for the Mac Pro as I bring it up to speed. The HP Laptop running Vista is the odd man out now, having been pushed over to a different desk here in the office. I have an intern starting in June and he will have the pleasure of using Vista on that machine. Sorry Daniel!
One Key Decision Remains
I need to name this machine. I like naming computers short, single word, easily remembered names; it makes it easier when trying to grab data or connect to them internally. All of my current machines have Star Wars themed names; Luke, Vader, Wookie and Solo. The exception is the MacBook, which is named Drifter.
So what should I name it? Got any suggestions?