Another Dose of Twitter Tips


2 Another Dose of Twitter Tips

Gain more reach through retweets

swell-150x150 Another Dose of Twitter TipsA retweet is when someone you are following adds RT to the front your tweet…big whoop!! Right? Well actually it is because those two letters send your tweet off to the retweeter’s network and is one of the ways information goes viral ( spreads fast).There’s a catch tho’ just because you tweet or ask for a RT doesn’t mean that your precious tweet will be spread around. So there are some simple points to keep in mind when you tweet:

  • Show lots of tweet luv- tweet about something interesting or useful something that others may like to know. In other words give value when you tweet.
  • Keep your tweets short enough to allow retweeting. When people RT you their user name gets added to your tweet…it doesn’t take long before your precious tweet starts getting sliced and diced leaving only a series of user names followed by gibberish.
  • Always Ask for a retweet by prefacing your tweet with Please, studies have shown the frequency of RTs is directly related tothe use of Please.
  • Be real, be human when you tweet the same way you would be if met this person at the old networking meetings.
  • RT other’s tweets when they have value especially to your network.

Build your twitcred

fountain_server Another Dose of Twitter Tips

  • It is not about the numbers…it is about connection. Don’t worry about numbers, focus on finding the right followers and giving them value…your followers will increase organically as your value increases.
  • Your value is directly related to your humanity your heartness which is your authenticity
  • Have strategy for selecting and following and stick to it. If you want to build a network of buyers then seek them out and follow them.
  • Just because someone follows you doesn’t mean you have to follow them. If you want to serve a particular group of buyers and potential buyers don’t be afraid to not follow or even block followers who are obviously not appropriate for you and your followers. You will get some leakage of high rollers, internet marketers and political/religious crazies …you have the power to block or not follow them.

unfollowers Another Dose of Twitter Tips

  • Think about your followers…why should they follow you? Because you are interesting,
  • Your informative, your interactive,you’r not constantly promoting,You use Direct Messages (DM) for conversations,
  • Have a community building contest for your followers. Base your contest on retweets, or  the number of their own followers they can bring to an event.
 Another Dose of Twitter Tips

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