Are ANTS keeping you stuck?


ant Are ANTS keeping your stuck?

How often have you gotten excited about a new body of work or a new show and in anticipation of instant acceptance  and sales said to yourself ” this is my best work yet everybody will love it and I’ll sell out” . And how often have you met with disappointing results leading you to thoughts like these:

” People don’t buy my work because they are dumb”
” Nobody likes my work other wise they would buy it”
” People are idiots…they wouldn’t know good work if it hit them in the face!”

We call these ANTS or Automatic Negative Thoughts and we all have them and to some degree we all allow them to run our lives. They come from living, from experiences, and all the people and environments we pass through as we live our lives. ANTS can and often do appear out of nowhere to take over…they start directing what we do, how we think and are the primary factor in keeping us from moving forward. ANTS are largely

To the extent you can stay focused on the Positive Intentions around your work you will be able to avoid being stuck and move forward with your business. Recent studies in Neuro-Science are confirming the fact that our life tends to go wherever we put our focus…our happiness, success and attitudes will go wherever we give power and focus. In other words, your life manifests according to your focus, if you focus on ANTS you can become stuck, you will find it difficult to succeed and even start allowing anger, resentment and resignation take over your life. On the other hand if you focus on positive intentions you experience the opposite…you experience more success, more happiness and more overall satisfaction. The funny thing about ANTS is that you cannot use your willfulness to overcome them, doing so will only give them more power, ignoring them will also let them run rampant with your life.

We will be talking more about ANTS as part of our series around Planning for 2009.
Next will be ways to exterminate your ANTS geared specifically to creatives.

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 Are ANTS keeping your stuck?
tafbutton_bluetxt16 Are ANTS keeping your stuck?

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