Artsyfartsy Biz Inspiration: Featured Artists



A few weeks ago we launched our Artsyfartsy Biz Award program and recognized five artists who have actively developed their art into a business. They have each followed their own intuition and instincts to make sure their art gets out into the world in a sustainable way…a way that allows them to be paid for doing what they love and provides value to their buyers. Their journeys have not been linear, or without slips, they have been moving steadily onward learning and growing as they went.

One, if not the,  biggest challenges for artists today is understanding the need to overcome their fear of “selling out”or worse for us geezers the shame instilled by the grand kids. I talked recently about this in an article emphasizing the importance of letting go of old limiting beliefs in order to follow the paths to success now opening up.

One of the key behavior traits of successful people is that they find models and they surround themselves with folks who live, believe and behave the way they would like to. That is why I not only started the award program but also why I am launching the Featured Artist program. Each artist is chosen because they represent the future of art and they do so in a way that allows them to inspire other artists who are trying to find their way in today’s market place. They don’t necessarily represent easy, pretty or neat…they do represent a dedication to their work, their hearts and their vision. They willingly meet the “messiness” of life accepting it for it is demonstrating that living a flat lined life is not an option.

Featured artists will be profiled, their work will be displayed in the image box above the right side bars of this blog, and they will be interviewed with the transcript posted as well. The entire interview will be posted over the course of a couple of weeks instead of all at once to make easier to read.  In addition, I’ll be using these artists periodically as resources for tele-classes, pod casts, and on-line panel discussions.

The current featured artists will come from the Artsyfartsy Biz winners while I add more to the pool. If you would like to nominate someone please feel free to do so by way of the form below or leaving the appropriate info in the comments section, also below.




  1. Artsyfartsy Biz Inspiration: Featured Artists: A few weeks ago we launched our Artsyfartsy Biz Award program and..