Profile: Bill Baker, Photographer

I am Here- An Austin Photographic Retrospective This summer Austin features one of its own in a solo photographic exhibit of the current body of work of Bill Baker.  The Smokin from Shootin Studio emerged onto the SoCo scene within the past year and represents an iconic series of progressive Austin images in digital. From classic urban architecture and figurative study to natural scenery, Bill Baker's work represents a world where futuristic hope springs out of the wreckage of … [Read more...]

Virtual Networking in a Brave New World

The Social Network As It Was. Remember when networking was something that was accomplished at blazer-wearing cocktail parties and on the golf course followed by a cocktail?  Even if you don’t remember that, one must realize historically there was such a thing.  Leaving the house and beating the streets socially was absolutely the only way possible to network in the community and create a name, credibility and resource.  It was an era of creating importance amongst people … [Read more...]

Marketing in a Digital Era

A new landscape in the world of marketing is appearing now.  The strength of a company is defined by its digital web presence and that standing is critical to its profit margin and ultimate survival. Almost everyone has dabbled in throwing up a web page to promote their business.  With the invention and discovery of the internet, I think all of us have considered the latent power of owning web real estate. Some web pages are extremely well designed. They satisfy the creative eye, … [Read more...]


When I studied traditional photography over twenty years ago I did not see how much the art would shift for me in the way I executed it and what it meant for me.   I believed like many of us that the silver halide was a thing of exacting beauty that could never be replaced. … [Read more...]