A Story About iPhone Game Development

Developing for the iPhone is a bit of a shift for me; in more ways than one.  I spent ten years climbing the career ladder towards bigger projects, bigger budget titles, bigger studios, etc.  But when I found myself taking leave of the million dollar projects and high profile studios and joining up with a little 3 man startup iPhone app company, I had no idea the very next rungs on the ladder would be some of the most challenging and rewarding of my career.  Now just before I … [Read more...]

Desktop Theatre Sc 50: Robot Castaway

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Offset mounting bracket for Nikon P90

So I love my new Nikon P90, but I don't love the fact that the battery and memory card are behind an ill designed battery/card door on the bottom of the camera.  Which has a hinge so close to the mounting point that you cannot open the door to get to your memory card and battery while the P90 is on the tripod.   This fact never bubbled to the surface in researching the new camera before purchase, but I thought, well, I'll just live with it and download the pics over the usb … [Read more...]

Desktop Theatre Sc 49: Freestylin!

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Desktop Theatre Sc 48: From Below!

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Desktop Theatre Sc 47: Robots are not easily fooled

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Employment Adventures

Or One Way To Become A Game Designer Sunday night.  The phone rings.  It’s my boss John.  “Brad, do you want the good news or the bad news?”  Freeze frame.  Okay, so to explain what’s going on here, I had been pacing back and forth since Saturday.  A phone call from John means one of several things.  Either my game project’s cancelled, or I am laid off, or the whole company’s shut down.  It’s nervous … [Read more...]

Desktop Theatre Sc 46: Robot For President!!

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Desktop Theatre Sc 45: Robots Miss Their Friends

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Desktop Theatre Sc 44: The Robots Seek Wisdom at the Oracle.

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Desktop Theatre Sc 43: The Waiting is the Worst

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Desktop Theatre Sc 42: Robots Love Carl

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