Getting Organized: Simple To Do Apps

Being a very busy business owner of two, mother of two and wife, I am doing good to remember to brush my teeth in the morning!  On most days, I have 5-6 shifts, jumping from one hat to the other.  I joke and say that I need an assistant just to remind me to go  to the bathroom. All that to say, any handy tools I come across to keep me organized so that nothing takes second seat in my life, I at least check out.  Most I implement into my daily routine.  Evernote has been … [Read more...]

Getting Organized: Evernote

Organizational Tool Reviews by the Unorganized! Okay so I found Evernote in my latest handy dandy copy of Real Simple- a magazine I subscribe to in hopes that one day I will be more organized than not. I am getting there. The article started of with a warning that these apps may become addictive. I had no idea they were serious. On the web. On your desktop. On your phone. I downloaded first my desktop version of Evernote onto my Imac and immediately started to document all the notes I had … [Read more...]

Review: Jumsoft Templates and Clipart for iWorks Pages

I recently added iWorks Pages to my arsenal of design tools. I would like to suggest some add-ons that I recently included in my collection... These babies are available a the Jumsoft Online Store. Jumsoft's packages range in price from $29 (for individual templates) to $ 59 (for The Template Pro Pack). At these prices, they easily add value to your IWork collection of templates and clipart. I have to say my favorite of the three is the very random yet whimsical collection of images in … [Read more...]

iWork! I swear!

Okay, so I am a bit of a software snob. I can’t help it.  I come from the “right before computers were cool” generation.  My first experience with a computer was looking up the Dewey Decimal system on the library computer in High School.  Then after flirting with a few PCs in the public lab while writing a few last minute papers for English Lit I moved on to my first Mac in the art lab.  After that, there was only one true love in my life.  The Apple! … [Read more...]

Drawing on my Computer…

One of the most amusing things I feel about my job is the lack of knowledge most people have of it.  I often have people ask what I do for a living. If they know I office out of my home then I their fist vision of me is sitting around in my PJs watching opera with a diet coke in one hand and letting my nails dry on the other.  I may or may not have a computer sitting next to me, but most likely not or else it would be in the way of those feet I am propping up. For some reason, it's … [Read more...]

A Lesson To Share

I have to admit that I am writing this article out of a bit of irritation as this is a lesson I shouldn’t have had to learn, but it is what it is.  I want to share this experience so that hopefully other designers reading this will be a bit more intelligent in approaching this type of situation. … [Read more...]

Find Your Passion…

Being artists, we tend to be more passionate about things than those using the other side of their brains. Of course I am not saying you can’t be passionate about numbers, but I have a feeling my accountant gets his kicks away from his nine to five. We are blessed in that Art can truly bring out the passionate side in a person who can see it for what it is. What is passion exactly? … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned Along The Way

While I do not know all there is to know about graphic design or running a small business, I am grateful for this fact.  Learning new things everyday is what keeps this business fun for me.  However along the way I have learned some hard lessons, and to me very big ones.  They have shaped who I am and how I run my studio on a daily basis.  I feel like they have made me more successful and I can only hope the education continues.  Some of you who are already freelance designers may have learned … [Read more...]

Be Successful: Make Mistakes!

When I was in college I can't tell you how many times the subject of "what makes art--art" came up. Everyone had his or her own ideas and theories some of which I agreed with and some not so much. Of course there was the occasional "non- art major" who belted out with " How can someone call that art?" when viewing a slide of one of Jackson Pollock’s paintings or my all time favorite - Mondrian. So what does make art, art? Well I have my own theories, one of which I discovered years ago when I … [Read more...]