is a retail store in Miami.

At this writing this site is still under development. Delaying the launch because of lack of content didn't seem right- the initial purpose of the site is to direct their customers to their new location. Inspired by Theme Shaper's Launch Pad Theme, I created a splash page by taking advantage of WordPress' option to choose what displays as the front page.

When the site is ready to launch, Bagua can choose "The Latest Posts" and the real homepage will appear- nav and subnavs included- allowing visitors to access the complete site.

The actual design and layout took about three days. Half the time I would have spent with an html site.

These days I hate Dreamweaver enough, I hand off html sites. (Update 03/03/2010: I still hate html and I'm still handing those projects off)

I named the theme I created Zen Gardner to acknowledge its revolutionary roots.