A Better Batch Picture Processor Script for Photoshop CS5

In general,  I am fascinated by the scripting possibilities of Photoshop. The unspoken "BUT" is that I have to make a living and lately "A living" means more work for less money so there's more work. So it is just a romantic thought that lingers in the back of my lizard brain hoping to surface when I don't have any work or gardening or cats to feed...

I had a problem recently. One that seemed destined to slow my workflow down to a crawl. To fit within a project requirement I needed to somehow squeeze down the total size of the assets by 20%.  My plan was to batch process a folder of images in Photoshop's Save for Web format. I cannot speak to the particulars of "why" but that compression you get is better than anything Fireworks or Graphic Converter can do. It's as good as ImageReady was and its my first choice when preparing images for digital output. It is a little cumbersome though when there are over 300 images to be processed.

The problem? Call me an idiot but I have just been unable to get a droplet to include "Save for Web" in the processing. Followed every online tutorial I could find online. No joy.  And the included Image Process script is just useless, it doesn't really accomplish anything a run of the mill droplet couldn't. Luckily, there are people much smarter than me.

Like Paul MR over at PS-scripts.com He uploaded a script called  Picture Processor that set my tail wagging. There are a couple of different versions so chose the one that fits your needs.