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Find Your Passion…

Being artists, we tend to be more passionate about things than those using the other side of their brains. Of course I am not saying you can’t be passionate about numbers, but I have a feeling my accountant gets his kicks away from his nine to five. We are blessed in that Art can truly bring out the passionate side in a person who can see it for what it is.

What is passion exactly?

Well Webster’s Online Dictionary says this…

“Passion: Strong feeling or emotion; Intense passion or emotion; Something that is desired intensely; An irresistible motive for a belief or action; Any object of warm affection or devotion.”

To me passion is a desire to fulfill an urge so deep in your heart that it is all you can think about. What is your passion? What drives you to get up and brush your teeth in the morning? What, if any thing pushes you to be the best you can be at that one thing, not for success, but for self-accomplishment and the feeling that your cup is so full you need a backup for the reserve?

I would have to say I have many passions: my faith being my number one. I have an extreme passion for the giver of the very gift I am writing about. I have a passion for my family and friends, those who complete my life with their very presence. I have a passion for my JOB. Yes, I said it, my Job. Very few people can say that they love what they do for a living much less have a true passion and drive to be better at it every day. That is where most artists are truly blessed. We can see beauty in things that others overlook. Which brings me to my latest and greatest passion. I have found the most intense feeling of drive and joy in my recent venture into the world of photography.

While I am a true virgin to the art, my drive to be successful at it overwhelms me. I have been into some form of art since I was able to hold a crayon, but for the first time in 30 years I can say I am at the point where I could become someone who actually starves for the sake of his or her art! Crazy huh. Well I didn’t say most artists were sane! If you have a true passion for something you can appreciate this experience. When that was opened I saw things in a whole new light. And it has nothing to do with my new reading glasses but all to do with the fact that I started looking at things with my heart and not my pupils! I now can see and find beauty in things I never noticed were even there: the color of my little girl’s hair when the light hits it just right, the amazing texture of an old barn door, and even the way the colors in Georgia change on a daily basis. I find myself seeing everything as a potential background for a photo shoot where before it was just a road or old farm I passed on the way to the store.

There is a tree in the pasture behind my house that I have been begging to bloom. It is no different that any other tree except it is standing all-alone in a huge field as if it is asking someone to see it. It has been in that same spot for probably 50 years or more and I passed it every day for the last year. But I only “saw” it a few months ago and when I did it took my breath away. I saw so much in that one tree it amazed me. This new Passion for the art of photography has wiped away the mucky film left on my eyes by the disgust in the world today. While I used to get caught up in how bad the world was becoming, now I see it as a beautiful gift from the Creator and one that I want to take the tiniest detail and show it to the world through my eyes.

I recently studied for a few days under a very admired professional children’s photographer. She gave us an assignment to write a letter on why we were photographers. Here is what I shared…

“I come from a family of artists. My grandmother was a brilliant painter. My mom can build, sew or paint anything she sees. I chose to use my eye in graphic design. I love what I do and wouldn’t have chosen another direction had I the chance to do it again. However, although I have always regretted not taking more photography classes in college, it wasn’t until this past year that I found a true passion for photography. I am so grateful for the design gift that I have been blessed with and the fact that I have been able to be successful with it. But I would quit it all tomorrow if I could feed my family off my desire to do nothing but create art through photography. My inspiration behind buying a good camera and teaching myself to take pictures was my two beautiful babies. I wanted the world to see my children the way my heart does. My drive to continue to learn and grow in this new artistic direction, is the way my heart feels when I am in the moment. It is as if each time I look through the camera and see what will be a great image, I am handed a gift to share with the world. I choose to shoot children and only children because they are as I call my new venture "Brilliant Blessings."

Nothing can be more beautiful than an innocent child in the midst of adventure and the moments of serendipity they bring. Everything to them is still new and wonderful and you see all the beauty of the world through their expressive eyes. There are a lot of moments we are blessed in our lives, but this is the one I choose to preserve in my work. I have a long way to go in my study, as I am very new to my camera and all it can do for me to help my visions come out beautifully. But I truly believe that beautiful photography doesn’t come from the camera, it comes from the heart and eyes behind it – as do all forms of art.

There are many out there who have great equipment and fantastic white backdrops to shoot their subjects on; even a few have galvanized tubs and cute rubber duckies for props, but I will not. My style is and will always be natural. I do not feel like you have to have four people to take the picture: someone to work the lights, one to squeak the funny stuffed bunny at the baby and another to hold the screen, and the last to shoot the image. I may be in for a surprise, but I feel like all you need is a great camera and a creative eye that comes straight from the visions of your heart. I am not into bulk photography. I may shoot several hundred images, but my goal is to get that one shot that makes your heart feel like someone is squeezing it so tightly you can’t breathe; the photo that makes their mother cry with the desire that her child would remain that innocent and beautiful forever. That one image that when you take your first glance at it feels like in one instant you heard the most elegantly arranged love song you have ever heard. That is what drives me to be a photographer.”

Yes, maybe these were the rantings of a crazy artist who has found a new outlet for her insanity, but mainly it is a brief look into how finding my true passion has potentially changed my life forever. It is an encouragement to those who have not found something that drives them to seek it. You would be surprised at how much more successful you can be when working for a true purpose. After all "A Man without passion is a fire without light".

For more information about developing your passion here is a great link:

To watch my journey from amateur to one-day creator of photographic brilliance, here is my site. (Going live last week in April)

Be patient with me.

As I said, it is a journey, but I will get there!

By Wendy Arnold

My name is Wendy Arnold, owner of Arnold Graphic Design, a small design studio in Atlanta, Georgia.
I am also a Wife and Mom of two beautiful children. Web and print graphics, as well as advertising design are my passions, and my artistic brain is never at rest. When I am not involved with my agency you will find me painting, dabbling in interior design, and just recently branching out into the world of digital photography.