Bumping the memory in the MacBook

I decided that I wanted to max out the memory in my MacBook since I’m running more and more on the little machine. Though 2GB is normally plenty I figured 4GB couldn’t hurt. When I looked on NewEgg and started scoping out RAM prices I was shocked to see how far they had fallen.

I could pick up a matched set of Corsair memory for just $95! Sure, I’d have a couple of extra sticks of memory sitting around when I took the old ones out but 4GB would be exactly what I needed as I started playing with VMWare Fusion.

Yesterday the distinctive squeal of the UPS truck stopping in front of my house indicating that my memory had arrived. I turned off the MacBook, pulled out the battery and unscrewed the three small screws that held the memory cover in place. 30 seconds later the new RAM was installed and a minute after that the machine was flipped back over, plugged in and booting up. This install took me all of five minutes from start to finish and that was with me taking my time!

The machine booted right up and now iStat show just a small sliver of memory utilization after booting up. I haven’t done too much to stress the machine yet but everything seems to be working fine.

Now’s a great time to think about bumping the memory on your machine – the prices are really low. Just check NewEgg.