A Story About iPhone Game Development

Developing for the iPhone is a bit of a shift for me; in more ways than one.  I spent ten years climbing the career ladder towards bigger projects, bigger budget titles, bigger studios, etc.  But when I found myself taking leave of the million dollar projects and high profile studios and joining up with a little 3 man startup iPhone app company, I had no idea the very next rungs on the ladder would be some of the most challenging and rewarding of my career.  Now just before I … [Read more...]

A Different Look at Creativity Part II: the social media mix

Before we go any further… I want to point out that what I am describing here is a process, a way of looking at how we create whether it involves groups of people or individuals and what we need in the way of tools and environments to support us along the way. The  concepts and processes are not linear or pretty and admittedly leave lots of room for further exploration and development. Let’s get going.. Now that we have the creative spectrum somewhat sketched out let’s see how it can … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2008: Part 2

My professional agenda for Comic-Con was fairly simple: Soak in the visuals, get a general feel for the industry and do some basic networking.  With this in mind, here are some useful tips I learned along the way on how to take advantage of the convention: Bring a highlighter. You'll need it to track the three-ring circus of panels.  Comic-Con often has an online schedule in advance of the convention, so it's possible to do some pre-planning.  But it does change/update … [Read more...]

Drawing on my Computer…

One of the most amusing things I feel about my job is the lack of knowledge most people have of it.  I often have people ask what I do for a living. If they know I office out of my home then I their fist vision of me is sitting around in my PJs watching opera with a diet coke in one hand and letting my nails dry on the other.  I may or may not have a computer sitting next to me, but most likely not or else it would be in the way of those feet I am propping up. For some reason, it's … [Read more...]

Employment Adventures

Or One Way To Become A Game Designer Sunday night.  The phone rings.  It’s my boss John.  “Brad, do you want the good news or the bad news?”  Freeze frame.  Okay, so to explain what’s going on here, I had been pacing back and forth since Saturday.  A phone call from John means one of several things.  Either my game project’s cancelled, or I am laid off, or the whole company’s shut down.  It’s nervous … [Read more...]

Aikido Al’s Comic Con Slideshow

San Diego Comic-Con 2008: Mostly highlights of the vast Exhibitor's Hall, with some additional shots of around the convention area. … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Part 1: Yikes! (an overview) "Geek is good" said Marc Bernardin, Entertainment Weekly and EW.com Senior Editor on Friday's Entertainment Weekly's Filmmakers panel.  That's the second impression you get after the initial shock of the sheer size of the convention.  It is about 200,000 of your closest friends.  This year was the first Comic-Con that sold out entirely through pre-registration.   The central core of Comic-Con is "comics."  In … [Read more...]

Highlights of GigOfHam.com’s Comic Con 2008 Gallery

Photos by Carl Perry/ GigofHam.com … [Read more...]

Marketing in a Digital Era

A new landscape in the world of marketing is appearing now.  The strength of a company is defined by its digital web presence and that standing is critical to its profit margin and ultimate survival. Almost everyone has dabbled in throwing up a web page to promote their business.  With the invention and discovery of the internet, I think all of us have considered the latent power of owning web real estate. Some web pages are extremely well designed. They satisfy the creative eye, … [Read more...]

Recession Proofing Your Studio- Pt. 1

Whether you believe we are in a recession or you are simply seeing a slow down in your business, are you going to kick back and hope the phone starts ringing or wait for our government to help you out? The governments plan of course is to stimulate the economy by pouring money into it by issuing tax rebates to all US taxpayers, most of which have been delivered by now. Whether you agree with this philosophy or not, if you have been losing sleep wondering where your next job is coming from, you … [Read more...]

The Nikon D3

I was always an F kind of guy. My first Nikon pro camera was the original F - a 1971 black body FTN. It supplemented my FM2 and I had it until just a couple of years ago when I sold it to a close friend, who bought it with the understanding that I might occasionally need to fondle it... call it conjugal visits. A few years later I found a really nice F2 that I still have… I skipped the F3 and F4 entirely … [Read more...]

The Computer, The Painter, The Image and His Brushes

When Dr. Michael Roach asked me if I might consider writing an article for DigitalAppleJuice, I was taken aback. I am a painter, and, one could say, a primitive, when it comes to the making of digital images. At least I used to be. Over the past five years, for a number of very practical reasons, I have become more adept at manipulating images on my Mac, … [Read more...]