Find Your Passion…

Being artists, we tend to be more passionate about things than those using the other side of their brains. Of course I am not saying you can’t be passionate about numbers, but I have a feeling my accountant gets his kicks away from his nine to five. We are blessed in that Art can truly bring out the passionate side in a person who can see it for what it is. What is passion exactly? … [Read more...]

Be Successful: Make Mistakes!

When I was in college I can't tell you how many times the subject of "what makes art--art" came up. Everyone had his or her own ideas and theories some of which I agreed with and some not so much. Of course there was the occasional "non- art major" who belted out with " How can someone call that art?" when viewing a slide of one of Jackson Pollock’s paintings or my all time favorite - Mondrian. So what does make art, art? Well I have my own theories, one of which I discovered years ago when I … [Read more...]

Still Photographers & the Film Industry

Still Photographers in the Film Industry shoot stills for the publicity of a movie and to document the film, and everything connected with the production of a film. Then the finished material will be usually be turned over to the studio which will be distributing the film so they can mount a publicity campaign leading to the release of the film. This includes, but is not limited to, a Press Kit (which is now a digital Press Kit), The Poster or One Sheet as it is called in the business, … [Read more...]