Check Your Brand Wellness

doll_parts Check Your Brand Wellness

Just as you regularly go to your Doc for wellness checks you should also be doing the same thing with your brand.  The pulse of your brand’s heart and subsequent ability to circulate your message through out you tribe is extremely important to your success. You should make it a habit to check its’ health several times a year.  The best way to do this is to ask your tribe through a survey.

In addition to a survey of your tribe it is important to regularly review the health of your brand by looking at the following areas:

Are you known for a unique and distinct identity? Are you known for something more than your work?

  • Check to see if you are known by who you are rather than what you make.
  • You should be identifiable by your values, your presentation.
  • People should see your work and be reminded of you how you see the world and what you represent.  In other words potential followers should be able to recognize the totality of your value, interactions with you should be seen in the context of their total interactive experience. They should think of you when they feel the need for bringing more art into their lives.

Are you known to the people you want to serve?

  • is your uniqueness known to you
  • do you know what makes you attractive
  • what drives people to choose you over someone else.
  • is your uniqueness known to potential buyers  do the people who would best be served by what you have to offer know

Is your message consistent?

  • Does everything you present to the public project the values and quality you want to be perceived as offering? or are you materials, you booth, your image disorganized, inconsistant and lead to unfaithful representation of the value you offer.

Does your pricing reflect and communicate the value of what you offer?

  • Your pricing should reflect your value not what you think the buyers will pay. It must not only cover your costs but also reflect your own value in what you have to offer.

Do you have to sell?

  • In a nutshell you should not have to sell. People should be able to easily associate you with what how well you satisfy them and how enjoyable the experience of working with you is. You should automatically come up in their minds when they have an art related need.
  • Having to sell implies persuasion or even worse happenstance…connecting with your buyers eliminates both.

Do you have little or no repeat buyers?

  • More than just repeat transactions you should aim for repeat interactions as part of a long term relationship with your followers.
  • To have repeat buyers you need be a leader, and a friend with your buyers. The most important element of repeat buyers is staying in touch.

Are you stressed and feeling a lack of joy from your work?

  • This really needs no explanation….if you don’t derive joy from what you do you shouldn’t be doing it!


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