First impression of the new Mac Pro

I just finished setting up the machine and will post a little more shortly but I was really impressed with how easy it is to set up and configure the Mac Pro. I needed to add two additional drives and 10GB of extra memory (now totaling 12GB). Having come from the Windows world where I manually built my previous machines the construction and design for the Mac Pro is just excellent. I’ll put it into perspective:

Time to install an additional hard drive: less than one minute
Time to install 10 GB of memory (6 DIMMs): less than two minutes
Time to partition and format 2TB of disk space: less than one minute (total)
I grabbed my little Canon SD1100 and shot a really quick video on how to install an additional hard drive in a Mac Pro so you get an idea of how incredibly simple this is:
The machine that I pulled out of the carton looked brand new. I could not detect anything wrong with it at all. The only slight thing I found was a tiny little nick on the edge of the keyboard; and that was because I was looking really closely for any kind of damage at all.
The Mac Pro is extremely quiet – I really can’t hear it at all below the desk.
I’ve already decided that the Mighty Mouse has to go – the Logitech Mx510, one of which I also use on my MacBook, is already attached. I’m going to give the keyboard a little time, though coming from a large Microsoft ergonomic keyboard this may take some getting used to. I may be shopping around for a decent ergonomic keyboard replacement soon.
The other item on my shopping list will be a decent web cam so that I can do video chats and ideally use the microphone for dubbing over videos. I’ll throw in another post as soon as I have my key software loaded on the machine but so far so good!
I’ll also have some pictures for the next post.