Have you used Quicklook?

A person that goes by the handle RG-6 mentioned in the comments of yesterday’s post that Quicklook was an amazing feature that a lot of Mac users either don’t know about or even use. I had heard about it but I never bothered to try it out. Instead I did what I used to do in Windows if I wanted to see what was in a file – I’d open it in the program that normally works with a file of that type.

This is such a slow process. It’s just a PDF file, do I really need to load Acrobat Reader? Do I have to get Excel fired up just to take a quick look at some of the values in a spreadsheet? Quicklook saves all that and is about as easy to use as it get.
All you need to do is open the Finder and select a file, then hit the Space bar. Quicklook loads a preview nearly instantly that shows you the contents of most files. Since I’ve been moving a lot of files between machines lately this is a great way to look at a file really quickly.
You can even select a group of files (Command-Click) and then hit Space and you will have the option of viewing an index sheet of your files so you can scan through them quickly. It really is a fantastic little feature.
If you haven’t used Quicklook yet you should take a quick look at it.
Sorry about that last one, I had to.