How to use your winter to help your sales

Marketing Monday

begins today, born from conversations with a couple of artists over the weekend. They  asked me if I had an thoughts about how they could use the winter down time to help build their businesses and their sales. The consesus was a winter long series focused on different aspects of marketing would be helpful. Here is a tentative list of subjects we came up with:

  • Beginning the branding process– a brief outline to help give direction to the process along with some homework.
  • Learning to use the 80/20 rule to get more productivity and sales.
  • Getting familiar with the internet – Learning how to use the internet to increase your visibility and build connections with your following.
  • Developing a show strategy– Finding the right shows with the right buyers and leveraging your existing contacts to bring you more sales.
  • Developing a stay in touch strategy – learn how to build a keep in touch strategy that works on vitual auto pilot.
  • Identify and develop other income streams – Relying completely on art fair or gallery sales greatly increases your vulnerability to economic shifts, find out if this strategy is for you.

There will be more as I think of them and please feel free to request expansion of a subject or even a different one.

Today’s Monday  Marketing tips start with Branding

Start the branding process
Now is a perfect time to step back and take a look at how your buyers see your and evaluate if it matches with how you want to be seen. A brand is not a logo or collection of graphic symbols instead it is the sum total of who you are, your values, your ideas, your personality. Branding is all about transferring value from your products to you, so that YOU are the value associated with attracting  buyers instead of your products. If done right your buyers will think of you first when they have a need or problem that you can solve because you will be foremost in their minds.

Briefly the steps to branding are:

  • Know your vision and claim your vision. I wrote about this in an earlier article.
  • Know your competition and claim your difference– As an artist your competition can range from other home decorating products to other artists. You need to not only examine who would buy from you but also who would best be served by going to your competition and why.
  • Know your target market and claim your perfect customer – Successful small businesses know who their best buyers are, how they spend their time, how they make their buying decisions and where they hang out. They also have taken time to develop a profile of who they like most to work with. Refining all this information is important because it helps you develop a following of people you don’t have to sell to, who instead are eager to buy whatever you offer in short they are your ….Tribe.
  • Know what makes you unique and claim it– As an artist your uniqueness is personal and emotional and in large part seated in your own value. Your uniqueness sets you apart whether you are vying for a gallery representation or to stand out among other artists at an art fair. It is the value you provide to your buyers above and beyond what others offer.
  • Know how to spread the word about what you have to offer and claim your happy tribe- Knowing how you will attract the perfect buyers you described earlier is very important to your success. You will need to know which of the myriad of choices will work best for you and you must know that discovery of the right combination will take time and testing.
 How to use your winter to help your sales
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