I just don’t get the new MS commercials

The new commercials Microsoft is running are now out, disclosing the strategy Microsoft will be employing to make the argument to buy Microsoft based products now and in the near future. Apparently the strategy is to mildly amuse people and convince us that Microsoft has some great new stuff coming out, as evidenced by Bill’s subtle gestures to Jerry at the end of each commercial.

As is typical of the Windows experience, there seems to be a lot going on in these commercials, in sharp contrast to the simple presentation of products and solutions in the Apple commercials.

I chatted with a good friend of mine online that’s a Windows / Linux guy about this. His portion of the chat went like this:

Jeff: here’s my take
Jeff: Mac commercials – plain, simple, easy to make sense of, not too many moving parts
Jeff: Win commercials – no f’n clue what they’re doing, long, bloated, inscrutable, stuff happening everywhere and you can’t relate it to anything that makes sense
Jeff: I think that about sums up the OSes as well
Jeff: I swear I want to by a Mac just as a protest against these moronic commercials

I was pretty shocked to see that coming from Jeff, who has observed my conversion from Windows to Mac user with detached amusement. I’m pretty confident that Mac users watching this won’t be encouraged to pitch what they are doing and get WinTel hardware when Windows 7 comes out, and I’m sure MS is aware of that. This marketing has to be targeted at the average Windows user that is considering a platform change or whether or not to continue upgrading their Windows machines.

I’m with Jeff on this one; I just don’t get it.


  1. according to http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/18630, the ads were pulled. thank god.
    i couldn’t stand watching bill gates twitch his butt anymore.