I think I’ve created a monster

Granted, it’s a beautiful little 13 year old girl of a monster but a monster none the less. It’s funny how my youngest child is so into computers. She’s completely confident with them, immediately jumping in when my wife has a problem on her XP based laptop and helping trouble shoot any issues. She, like my other kids, can touch type easily and blazes through tasks on the computer like it’s an extension of herself.

My youngest was the one that desperately wanted an iPod Touch for Christmas, loving the fact that it had the built in web browser which she uses all the time. As for PCs she’s got an older Dell laptop running Windows XP that’s been very serviceable. Now that I’ve gotten into Macs and my oldest daughter has one she is constantly in my office, scheming to get a MacBook for herself.
"Daddy, look at this one on Craigslist!!!"
"Daddy, the refurbished MacBooks are really inexpensive!!!"
"Daddy, don’t you want a MacBook Pro so I can get your MacBook?!?"
It goes on and on. This morning she asked if she could sell the Dell she has to help pay for a MacBook for her. I even offered her the use of the HP laptop, the one with Vista loaded on it that now sits unused on one of our desks, and she declined. "No thanks Dad, I really want a Mac"
For those of you blessed with having 13 year old daughters, I’m sure you can appreciate the pressure that someone so tiny can exert, especially on their fathers.
I knew that when I got my first MacBook that it may lead to some additional expenses if I decided to switch to Macs completely; I just didn’t think it would infiltrate other parts of my home so quickly.