iLaundered but Still iPod

I pulled my workout pants with its myriad array of pockets out of the dryer and felt an all-too familiar lump in one of the tie-pockets. "*&^%" I thought, while pulling out my iPod Nano. There was not any visible damage. The only evidence that it went through the wash at all was the trapped moisture in the silicone case that was around it. The first thing I did was slip off the silicone case, hoping that it offered some protection. However, it was the type that left the jack exposed at the bottom in order to dock. I was fairly sure the soap and water from the washer crept into its innards. Additionally, it may have gone through the dryer twice while on a high heat setting since the pants shared space with heavy jeans. I’m thoroughly kicking myself at this point as the Nano, nicknamed "The Bat Pod," was a gift from my husband. It’s name comes from the engraving on the back: "Does it come in black?" (You get engravings like that when you get asked on the spot "What do you want on your black iPod?" when Batman Begins just gets released. His coworkers think I’m quite insane.)

Past experience with Macintosh computers in academia has taught me that liquids when spilled on Apple products are not necessarily a disaster as long as you give the device a chance to dry out thoroughly before attempting to power it on. So I let it sit on my desk for a couple of days. When it seemed certain that it was dry, I turned it on. Nothing. Then I remembered that the battery was low prior to its "trip." It connected successfully to the USB cable and gave me the familiar charging screen, which at the time seemed to me a digital "thumbs up." Sure enough, after an hour "The Bat Pod" came up in iTunes and on the Desktop. And the media was still on it! To be safe, I went ahead and reset it to factory defaults for a clean *cough* start. Only one injury persists, and that the menu button doesn’t work anymore. But I deserve that.