Invite Beauty To Remind Us Of Hope

tree_reflection-400x271 Invite beauty to remind us of hope Ah, my last outdoor show — last weekend, in Peoria, IL –and it was actually quite good, considering…
and I had to do a lot of grounding to keep myself from panicking — one of the things
I did was write this piece –

Hope and Beauty

“it is an ethical obligation to search for hope.”  Tony Kurshner

“When we awaken to the call of beauty, we become aware of new ways of being
in the world.”  John O’Donohue

These times bring us great opportunity, because searching for hope
is not an abstract, feel good idea.  It is basic to our survival.

Holding hope opens our hearts to possibility, we touch our basic
creativity and that leads us to solutions.  Artmaking is basically problem
solving, with the artist’s hand leaving her map of exploration on the way
to finding her unique expression.

Enter beauty.  More than ever we need beauty’s touch.  Beauty’s
presence deepens our human experience, calls to us on a soul level.
Beauty knows beauty, and like hope moves us and inspires us to act
from our higher self.

Here, right now, all around, are artists — who just by being here are
embracing hope —and with what we have all created, we are adding
beauty to the world.

So let us invite beauty into our lives and be reminded to look for hope!

-Brenna Busse, Contributor to The ARTISTScenter.

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Photo Credit: Along the Kettle River copyright Bill Weaver Photographers