Mac: Dealing with Apple Support

In my last post I shared tips I had learned from others and I got a new comment from Devburke telling me about the Dictionary Lookup Shortcut – Control-Command-D. Sounded terrific! Unfortunately it didn’t work on my MacBook. I tried a couple of different things, including changing the shortcut key but had no luck.

I did what any techie does when confronted with a problem – Google it up. I found a couple of articles, at Apple and MacKB where people experienced the same thing. It appears to be a function of newer MacBooks. Since no one on the Interwebs seemed to have an answer I figured I’d try calling Apple Support. If nothing else I wanted to see if the support experience was the same as the computing experience I’ve had so far.
All times are EDT:
9:04am: Called and listened to an automated attendant, the kind you speak commands to. Those always worry me.
9:07am: I navigate the menus and speak with Kim. She’s very nice, asks me the usual questions and we walk through the process of trying to replicate it.
9:10am: Kim puts me on hold, telling me she’s going to try a different machine.
9:20am: New voice picks up, asking me what my issue is. Um, I already explained that to Kim. Oh, well, let’s start over. Kyle is now handling my call. He’s more thorough and tries a bunch of different steps.
9:28am: Kyle asks me to hold as he can’t reproduce it.
9:33am: Kyle’s back. Friendly guy, always updating me on what he’s doing. Told me it appears to be a bug. We try a couple more things.
9:38am: He puts me on hold, telling me that a product specialist will need to get involved. He warns me that this could take a while.
9:57am: Kyle – he checks in occasionally to assure me someone is coming – finally transfers me to Dell. I love the irony that I am calling Apple support and speaking to someone named Dell about a Mac. Dell starts in on more detailed troubleshooting.
10:14am: Dell and I have done everything that can be done and it does not resolve the problem. He tell me that he will be in touch within a week to see how the next level of product folks plan to resolve the issue. He explains that they need to identify which Macs have the issue and how they will resolve it, if at all.
So there you have it – 69 minutes after the call the issue is reported to Apple and hopefully on it’s way to being resolved. I am a very patient person and was nice to the support people I spoke to. They were in turn very nice back, though the fumble by Kim wasn’t too cool.
Overall though I was pleased with the response. Having run a technology business before I know how hard it is to provide friendly technical support, especially when you are dealing with a problem that is not easily reproduced.
I am looking forward to having Dell call me about my Mac. I still find that funny for some reason.