Mac Pro: Falling in Love with Apple all over again.

I have a brand spanking new MacPro- -2.66 Quad Core with 600 GB Hd & 6 GB 1066 RAM and a 24 in. Cinema Display with an Wacom Intous3 4 x 6 in. Pen Tablet.  I was weak in the knees, and silly-giddy as I liberated this monster from its cardboard confines. It is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Made more beautiful because its mine.

In the last couple of years, I have cooled to Apple's hip reputation for quality and innovation. My Intel iMac's motherboard needed replacement just 13 months after I bought it. Since I forgot to renew my Applecare, the cost of replacing the motherboard was $900. Nine hundred dollars is a very hard bill to swallow when the problem was nothing more than a bad ethernet port.

A quick search on the web opened up a world of people complaining of defective this or that and, while I applaud Apple's innovative designs, I have become increasingly concerned with Apple's reliance on Chinese manufacturers for their products. At the risk of being called a jingoist, the last year in the news proves that quality control is not China's strong suit.

Despite the recession, the time was quickly coming when I would have to upgrade but I hadn't really considered what I was going to upgrade to. I just didn't want to think about it. And I didn't. This mac monster was a very generous gift / investment from a long-time mentor and collaborator.

I have fallen in love with Apple all over again. And its all because of this most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Quick like a bunny.

Fast? Oh is it fast. The once maddeningly-sluggish Firefox launch sequence now occurs in an instant. Photoshop loads so fast it makes me warm in places I don't care to elucidate.

Bright Young Thing

I keep the lights off in my office, not for any other reason than I like my monitors very bright and my Imac just wasn't bright enough with the lights on.  The 24-in LED Cinema Display is so crisp, so bright, i have had to dim the monitor a bit, and still, the colors are rich and the blacks deep and velvety.

Migration Assistant

My last computer purchase was a white Intel iMac but I don't really remember the migration of my computer files to the new mac. I remember being afraid and putting off the migration for months because I knew it would interrupt my workflow. Always a bad thing.

I do remember that, when I finally upgraded from my eMac to my Intel iMac, I had to painstakingly  swap folders in the library so I could preserve my email archive. My desktop- which would frighten the most compulsive data spelunker- was difficult to recreate. If there was an easier way, I was not aware of it. My blood pressure rose, my workflow shriek to a stop.

After the first  Mac Pro tower's startup sound, I was completely prepared for another messy move. I actually made the first transfer and was dumbfounded at thought that I would have to merge some folders and replace others. I was actually cursing Apple for my own stupidity.

Then I had a "Duh!" moment.

I used Migration Assistant to do the data transfer. When it was done, I gave the new User Account admin privileges. Then I logged out and logged back into the new admin account. At this time, you can either delete the old admin account or you can make the newly migrated  admin account the automatic login. (Some uber apple geeks suggest keeping a spare admin account for future troubleshooting.)

This method won't work if you have been working on one admin account and import your old set-up into a new admin. I still don't know of an easy way to merge two admin accounts and I am not sure how what i would have done if I had waited a week or more to migrate.

The Sleek and Pretty Keyboard.

The keyboard's low, flat profile is a comfortable size and the angle of rise is just perfect to encourage a more ergonomic wrist bend. The con? It is one of the loudest keyboards I have had in the last few years. Oh Gawd, please help me adapt to the metallic clacking of the space bar.

What's not to love?

A cynic by nature, I am looking for something to dislike about this machine. I haven't found it yet. I have had some frustrating moments while setting up the mac pro tower. I can however, trace all these frustrations directly to Adobe. I am still pissed at Adobe for coercing an upgrade to CS3 when I bought my Intel Mac. At the time, I didn't need the added expense or interruption in my workflow.

That frustration was revisited when I was now faced with the re-activate thing for my CS3 products. Add the now famous licensing error For CS4 products ... ooof.

Even so, this machine, this magnificent machine is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Even more so 'cause its mine.



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