Mac: Terminal tricks while flying

While flying back from California today I figured I’d use some of my down time to play with my MacBook and see what I could learn. I found a couple of really cool little tricks for the terminal:

You can control the opacity of a shell window, making it slightly transparent. This is really handy when you are following a series of directions on an underlying web page – no need to switch back and forth between windows. On a machine with a smaller display this is pretty valuable.
The other thing I learned was that you can create tabs in a terminal window. Just hit Command-T and a new tab appears. You can drag a tab out of the terminal window to create a new window as well as use the Window pull down menu to merge disparate windows together.
And now for the bonus picture…
I also managed to leverage my Canon SD1100 IS while we were flying out. Here’s a quick pic of the Queen Mary in Long Beach as seen from a JetBlue A320:
Anyone know what’s in what used to be in the white dome in the center of the picture? Hint: It’s made of wood.