MacHeist 3 Bundle – some great apps

In the unlikely event you haven’t heard of the MacHeist 3 Bundle allow me to introduce you.

MacHeist is a collection of applications available for a dramatically reduced price. A significant portion of the proceeds go to a variety of 10 different charities, which you can designate when you purchase or simply let MacHeist evenly distribute to all.

I’ve heard some people complain that this devalues ISV software, a claim I find ridiculous. The single most challenging problem every ISV faces is getting people to learn about their software. The more people that are exposed to it, the more likely you are to "get the word out". It also gives the ISVs the opportunity to be associated with a really good cause; as I write this blog post over $342K have been raised for charities. Everyone wins in this scenario; the buyers gets a great deal, the ISVs get some great exposure and the charities get money at a time when donations have dropped precipitously during this economic recession.

That said, most people buy MacHeist not out of a desire to support a charity but because they see a great bargain on one or two applications in the collection, would likely pay $39 just for that application alone and then get a bunch of bonus applications too. The charity angle is another bonus. That was the case for me.

What I Really Liked
Though World of Goo is normally only $20 the game is so much fun I consider it a buy at $39. The animation, sound effects and play of the game are simply outstanding. Having been a big time gamer in the PC world with first person shooters I tended to avoid puzzle style games; World of Goo is rapidly changing my opinion. Now I’m hunting for more games like it!

Picturesque, which is normally a $35 application, allows you to do some really cool treatments to photos, framing them up, placing them on angles and creating beautiful drop shadows. Though I’ve been pretty happy with the cadre of different applications I use for basic photo editing the stuff that I can do quickly with Picturesque is really nice. Note the graphic at the top of this blog post? That took just a second with Picturesque.

Kinemac is a rather large application that normally carries a pretty heavy price tag of $300. Though I’ve only started to play with it Kinemac looks like a really slick way to create 3D animations of text and objects. I’ve been wanting to dress up some video tutorials I’ve been putting together for SharedStatus and I’m hoping Kinemac will help me create a nice intro animation.

Those were my big three and easily worth the price of admission. Virtually all of the applications, with the notable exception of the bonus Big Bang Board Games collection, installed and worked fine. Big Bang Board Games apparently needs to phone home to its server in order to start up properly and the server was overwhelmed initially. That’s very bad form in my book; I don’t care for apps that phone home on startup but if you do that at least add in code that will fail gracefully, not bomb out the app.

If I was into cooking I’d likely enjoy SousChef, which really looks interesting. To paraphrase Richard Nixon however "I am not a cook", to say nothing of a chef. I love the ability to place your Mac in full screen "recipe" mode so that it becomes a partner in the kitchen.

As of today there are only 4 days left to purchase MacHeist. If you’re thinking of buying it do it soon because if they cross the $400K donation mark to charity it will unlock BoinxTV, something I personally would really like to try out. In addition web development tool Espresso and task management tool The Hit List will be unlocked if they can sell enough copies.

Was there an application in the bundle that you really liked that I didn’t mention? Drop a note in the comments and fill us in!