Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

Marketing Monday: Finding the right FollowersAs I indicated Tuesday one of the first and most important things to do on setting up your Twitter account is to pay attention to your profile. Your profile is the window into your life and your business and it should reflect who you are and what you do. If yoiu are going to use Twitter to connect your network it will save time and be good branding to have a consistant profile wherever you touch potential followers. An easy way to do that is to have a good “About Page on your blog and link back to that page wherever you have a profile. So for Twitter list your web site as  for example. Another way is to have a custom background that gives both a visual profile and a summary of your connection points.

Quick start

  1. Get Tweetdeck or a similar desk top application. You will use this once you start having followers

tweetdeck-2-400x274 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

2.  Get Twellow

twellow-twitter-search-400x292 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

  • List your blog and sign up for the categories you fit best with (there are a lot). You will be pleasantly suprised as to how quickly you be “found” just by listing yourself
  • Use the search feature to search geographically for your show venues e.g. Minneapolis or Oregon.
  • Look through those search results and try to find people interested in art and follow them. You can check them out via links to their sites/blogs in their listing.

twellow-search-term-1-400x146 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

Go to Just Tweet it

tweeter-dir1-400x97 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

  • Find your category and list your blog
  • Look through the directory the same as you did with Twellow
  • Connect with some of those you find interesting and start a conversation

tweeter-dirjust-tweet-it Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

artists-tweeters1 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers – This web app allows you find twitterers by specific locations. While this application really only shows who’s tweeting by location it can be used to find potential connections. In the example below I entered one of the primary streets for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and I used 100 mi as the search area. Ways to use it:

  1. Find a listing of people close to your venue
  2. Scan the tweets for possible connections
  3. Click on their Twitter link and check out the profile
  4. Direct message them to determine interest

nearby-tweets11-400x319 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers – Mentioned above you can use this to connect to others in your venue by asking them to retweet (RT) your announcements to their groups.

Tweetup – A project launched to enable twitter users to set up live in person meetings similar to it uses the #(hash tag) to set up custom search pages that are then used to connnect with a specific group. So you might use it to announce a gathering at your gallery or booth in this way L: Denver, CO join me at cherry creek #tweetup #tweetupbwCC.

If you have made it through the entire set up you should be ready to start your conection campaign, the next step will be to design and implement your campaign strategies using Twitter.

A friend of mine Social Media Diva Monica Hamburg asked me if I would invite my artist readers to take part in a quick survey. Doing so will help us help you better so just click here and you will be taken to the survey.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

 Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

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