Marketing Monday: Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

Do you know that many people want to buy your work but don’t have the ability to visualize it in their homes or offices? For many, their buying decision is based on whether they can picture whatever it is they are contemplating in their own home or office environment. Most people do not have the ability to visualize,something we often take for granted by assuming that everybody can see what we see.

We can help potential buyers by showing them how our work can fit into their environment. Photographers  display photos alone or in wall groupings throughout their studios to show how a client might use their photographs. In recent years, digital cameras, projectors and specially designed software have allowed us to project client’s images directly on their walls at actual sizes, so clients could see what a large image might look like over their couch or in their dining room. By showing the options we were able to help our clients make decisions about size, color, frame etc. and move from uncertainty to certainty about what would work best for them.

Other visual artists can do the same thing and because of new technology  do it much easier. Let’s look at a couple of ways you can, with very little effort, help your potential buyers.

The first way is to contact those who have your pots, paintings, photographs, fiber art and

Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

  • Ask them if they would take a quick photo of how they are using what they purchased.
  • Also ask them to write a little bit about how they have felt about having that particular piece of yours in their environment… Has it changed anything? How does it add to their lives.
  • Then ask them to e-mail, both to you. If you have a blog you can use these testimonials as weekly features inserting your comments along side theirs.
  • You can also have small graphics of them in your booth.

The other way you can do this has just gotten as easy as the one above. This past year saw the introduction of small very inexpensive video cameras called Flip videos. These cameras do not use tape they have a built in drive capable of capturing up to an hour of video. The really cool thing is they make loading the video onto you blog a breeze. So using this technology you can do short videos in wide range of environments  describing and showing your buyers how they might best use your work. You could even  go to one of your favorite buyer’s home and interview them while capturing some short clips of your work in their house or office.  Because this technology is extremely easy you can have a short clip up on your blog in the blink of an eye. There are a couple of versions, the basic one runns generally around $80.00- $90.00 while the HD version is $199.00.

Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black)

Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black)

You could use one or both of these techniques and you might be very surprised as to how they would help your buyers. How about putting this on your list for ‘09… now is the perfect time to get it done.

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Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize
Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

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