Millions Join the Evernote Brigade

Evernote has passed the next million-user milestone – 3 MILLION – since announcing 2 million in December.

Since reaching 2 million, Evernote has launched and revamped several new clients and product updates (including Windows desktop and iPad) as well as new integrations (with Lexmark Scanners, Sony VAIO, and Samsung Behold II) and launched Evernote in new languages (Including French,Swedish, Czech, Japanese and Portuguese). You can see that their main focus has been to makeEvernote available to everyone, and their memories available to them everywhere. This is also a hugetestament to the success of their Freemium business model, as a healthy chunk of these new signups have converted to the Premium offering.

Check out the amazing growth of Evernote over the last 2 years.

  • Launched into open beta: June 21st, 2008
    • Over 3,000,000 total users
    • Over 8,000 new users registered every day.
    • About 59,000 premium users

Recent acceleration driven by:

  • International: 44% of new users come from outside the US
  • Partners: 15% of new customers come from partners (85%still come through word-of-mouth).

Congratulations Evernote, and keep it up!


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