It’s not about the lipstick- it’s the hog that matters!

A typical tube of lipstick.

Everywhere I look lately I see another Guru offering up another version of “how to succeed in tough time”, usually in form of simple check lists. Today I received a couple of them in my e-mail and I was struck by their similarity and realized that what is going on is everyone is saying that their lipstick works best for changing the look of the pig of our current cultural shift. In doing so for the most part they ask us to have “faith” in their lipstick without addressing the nature of the pig, they want us to assume that all pigs are alike and we all see pigs in the same way. Thus making their particular solution to the problem the only one or the best, or the most magical.

The lipstick solution is based on

  • The assumptions most people look for the easy way to solve problems, the way that seems simple at first and appears to offer a quick solution.
  • Fear generated by the impending changes
  • Magical thinking that if you ignore something “bad” it ceases to exist.
  • One size fits all thinking ( a mindset that is still stuck in the Mass approach to problem solving)

So before you take up the lipstick take a look at the problem, examine it through your eyes and your life then look at the lipstick to see if and how it can be adapted to you. If it still doesn’t change things or requires you to be something else other than who you are (not a pig) then toss it out! It is far easier to approach problems and bumps in the road when you have clarity about who you are and what makes you tick.

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