Real Time Twitter strategy continued

I forgot to include this in last week’s Twitter post…

TIP/REMINDER: I mentioned this in Monday’s  MM…when you create your message using Tweetlater or Hootsuite ,also create a unique hash tag for the location/show it might look like this #bwstkate09. This will create a search page for all who are receiving your message to go to and join in the conversation…kinda like a mini forum. It will also help ensure that the tweet doesn’t get missed because all your followers will know to go to that particular page.

Whenever if I am tweeting about  Art at St. Kate’s I will close the tweet with #bwstkate09 so the entire conversation can be found in one place.

Here is what one looks like, started by the guy who built the WordPress blog theme (Thesis) for The ARTISTScenter site. In order to keep his followers current with upgrades and tweaks, both by him and the development community, he uses #thesiswp as the tag so those who want in on that conversation place that tag in their tweets. Whenever someone wants to check something out about the theme all they have to do is insert #thesiswp into the twitter search box and they see what you see below.

thesiswp_witter-399x321 Real Time Twitter strategy continued

There is one more way to schedule a series of tweets and that is by using the service. This service is very effective but because of it’s spam potential use it with caution.

twitterhawk1-400x275 Real Time Twitter strategy continuedWhat it does:

Allows you to define certain key words that will then be used to seach and when found will trigger your message. In the example above I set up twincities as the key word. When the search finds that word among the twitter stream it will send the first message, the next key word find will trigger the second message. The process will cycle through up to 6 messages until you delete it.

twitterhawk3-400x306 Real Time Twitter strategy continued

Setting up a new TwitterHawk reply set: (see above)

  • The key words used this time were twin cities artists
  • Purpose of the message is to find artists interested in applying for the Art at St. Kate’s art fair in July..
  • Diffferent message versions were written to invite artists.
  • Some contained the #stkates09 tag others contained a link to the Artists Circle site where the application is available for down load.

Time to do depends on the number of responses but generally the time to do one response is less than 15 minutes.

TIP: Remember to use this one with caution by making sure you personalize your message and use the # (hash)tag as described above  and also periodically add a shortented version of your site url if you have one.

REMEMBER: The time investment in this process is mostly on the front end once everything is set up it works automatically and you can go back to your studio!


 Real Time Twitter strategy continued

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  1. Real Time Twitter strategy continued: I forgot to include this in yesterday’s Twitter post… TIP/REMI..