Some quirky behavior since upgrading to 10.5.3

I’ve been experiencing some quirky behavior on my Mac Pro since upgrading to 10.5.3. First there was the Time Machine error, which I had never seen prior to 10.5.3 but has now occurred on both of my Macs. It was easily fixed but a bit disconcerting.

For the last few days I have been watching my system logs using console and noticed a series of failures where the backup seems to get stuck on a single file and then the entire backup fails. When this happens I get the Time Machine Error dialog as well—something I never saw prior to the 10.5.3 update. Subsequent Time Machine runs are clean though so it appears to be failing on single files. Again looking through the logs it appears to be different files each time.
When I examine the backup volume I do not see an entry for the backup that failed – there is just a gap of one hour in there. Seems odd to fail an entire backup because of a single file though.
Mouse Droppings
I also have experienced a problem with my Logitech mouse. Clicks were not always registering and sometimes while dragging something it would just let go of what I was dragging prior to my intended drop target. It got so bad that I basically gave up dragging and dropping, a key user interface feature.
As I mentioned before I switched to USB Overdrive a week before the 10.5.3 update since I was having some problems with the Logitech drivers—the problem being they are really crappy. USB Overdrive worked great for the week leading up to the 10.5.3 update. I decided to start eliminating things and pulled USB Overdrive out to see if it would make a difference. Sure enough the mouse performed correctly and I didn’t seem to get the drops any longer.
I decided to try out SteerMouse instead because I still need control over the additional mouse buttons. I’m only a few hours into SteerMouse but it does seem to be working fine and I do have the full use of my buttons.
Neither of these problems were critical, mostly just really annoying—especially the mouse issue. Since I plan on keeping the Logitech mouse I’m hoping that Steermouse ends up being a keeper.
Unless Apple adds that functionality into Snow Leopoard of course (hint, hint).