Profile: James Philip Pegg – Artist

::: Artist Name::: James Philip Pegg ::: Media::: Illustrator, painting, art photography. ::: Website::: ::: 1 ::: When did you first realize you were an artist? Did you draw as a kid? Color outside the lines? Being the son of an artist, I had my drawing table next to my dad's. I think that I was four years old then. Later, on at my tenth birthday, I was given my first camera … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Robin Pedrero

    Artist Statement I respond to what catches my eyes and heart using colors, shapes and lines. I desire to capture simple pleasures, wind in the trees, atmospheric reflections, people and places around the world. I personify nature through color and movement evoking moods of transition, strength, and serenity. I use my fingers of both hands to blend pastels and sculpt form through layering pigment; pastel being one of the purest pigments. As I work the images can be unexpected, … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday:pricing and the whole money thing.

Money, Money, Money the mere mention of the word causes many a stomach to tighten, that simple word is the source of  a lot of pain for a lot of folks.  The approaching  outdoor art fair season has caused the annual revisiting of that whole “how much do I charge” thing. So what is the deal with this paper and coin thing? And why does it  cause artists to get all stiff, uptight and downright grumpy? Well…to start with, many of us grew up being told that … [Read more...]

Worried about losing your creative mojo?

Are you afraid to commit to really incorporate business skills and tools because you might lose your creative mojo? Do you have trouble adding up 2+2 to get 4?  Have you shied away from thinking about business because it hurts your brain? Do you think in images and can never quite get things going in a strait line like figuring out what and where you want to go with your business? Are you resigned to being a starving artist? You are not alone…creatives through out history have … [Read more...]

On Passion, Courage and Grace

Recently I saw the movie “The Soloist” and of all the threads that touched me the one that stuck the most was the importance of Passion,Courage and Grace in the creative process. Passion keeps us committed to the act of creating, Courage helps us allay our fears of failure and Grace gives us the foundation of belief in ourselves and our ultimate ability to bring our gifts to the world. This thread so hit me that I realized it pretty much described the framework for what would call … [Read more...]

Profile: Mihailo Vukelic

::: Artist(s) Name::: Mihailo Vukelic ::: Publisher::: (self-published?) Image ::: Website::: ::: 1 ::: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? What’s your favorite color? When did you first realize you were an artist? Did you draw as a kid? Color outside the lines? I grew up in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. At 11 I moved to the U.S. with my family. My favorite color is sepia. I realized I was an artist around 3 or 4, I have memories of those … [Read more...]

Tech Tips for the left brain challenged

  Starting today we will have another regularly scheduled series. This series will be focused on technology tips and short cuts that can help artists. We will include tips for beginners as well as experienced computer and internet users. The series will be called  Tech Tips ( pretty creative uhh?). The idea for the series was one of those light bulb moments( actually more like a DUHHHHH! Moment) that occurred while helping a client. This client along with many who were not born … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Off-line Tactics

    2day we’re going take a break from twits & upd8s and take a look at the other part of your marketing strategy…how to develop an off line strategy that compliments and supports your on-line efforts.There are three key elements to this strategy: Your list Your list Your list In the past we relied solely on one time mailings of our show schedule or post card to those on our mailing list frequently with little or no results. I know from my own … [Read more...]

Featured Blogs…something new

  Over the past few weeks I have been working on creating ways to feature Artists and their blogs in a way that encourages them to grow. Two of the ways I have come up with are Adding a feature blog Holding contests built around learning However, I have been stewing about the “How” details wanting to make it “just right” before I launched it. As all to often happens when we get stuck “chasing our tails” something unexpected shows up to … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: getting and using intelligence

Now that you have taken the leap into the world marketing the next important step you need to take is to start collecting, analyzing  and organizing the intell you are gathering. What intell you ask? All of the information you are collecting about your market is your intell and you are the chief analyst using your list, your online listening posts, your conversations with customers  and their sales patterns. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can turn this information … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

  So far we have talked about Twitter and building a following by finding the right followers and developing your connections with them. We are almost done with this part of of our marketing strategy. Today I want to re-visit the overall strategy as well as focus on some on going things you should be doing after you have your Twitter following going. Strategic summary or where are we going again? When we started on this journey I described the two general courses of action: … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: a 21st Century strategy for artists

Historically, the process of selling goods and services fell generally into what came to be called the Sales Funnel Model. In this model businesses offered their goods and services through advertising campaigns that were largely aimed at the constant stream of potential buyers…this was a mass sales approach. Businesses would “catch” potential buyers as they stumbled into the wide mouth of their sales funnel…it was basically a mass approach to selling. Once inside the … [Read more...]