A Different Look at Creativity Part III: Choosing The Marketing Ingredients

Welcome to Part 3! This rather short segment takes the separate needs of Creator,Makers and Producers and matches up with the  Social Media channels that will best help them accomplish their goals. In the next and final installment of this series we will take a look at how these tools can best be put to work to supplement and bolster your marketing strategy. Once again please note that for simplicity sake the overlap between each segment of the creative spectrum is not being considered here … [Read more...]

A Different Look at Creativity Part II: the social media mix

Before we go any further… I want to point out that what I am describing here is a process, a way of looking at how we create whether it involves groups of people or individuals and what we need in the way of tools and environments to support us along the way. The  concepts and processes are not linear or pretty and admittedly leave lots of room for further exploration and development. Let’s get going.. Now that we have the creative spectrum somewhat sketched out let’s see how it can … [Read more...]

A different look at creativity

In previous articles I discussed some of the broader issues and benefits related to Social Media/Networking and how this new tool could benefit artists. The first article “What’s up with Social media” I introduced the concept of “ambient intimacy” and how the growth of social networking via the Internet has increased our ability to build relationships with our buyers. In “How to use Social Media”I talked about how social media gives us the ability to engage our buyers, build relationships with … [Read more...]

How to use your winter to help your sales

Marketing Monday begins today, born from conversations with a couple of artists over the weekend. They  asked me if I had an thoughts about how they could use the winter down time to help build their businesses and their sales. The consesus was a winter long series focused on different aspects of marketing would be helpful. Here is a tentative list of subjects we came up with: Beginning the branding process- a brief outline to help give direction to the process along with some … [Read more...]

Spreading the word…with a new connection.

No too long ago I received an e-mail from digital apple juice, an art focused blog network, asking me if I was interested in writing for them. Of course I said yes so that means that the content created here will be spread quicker and over a wider network than we currently have. They will be creating a dedicated column for our feed which will either be titled ” The Working Artist” or ” Art Works”…we are still brain storming. What is amazing and yet not so much … [Read more...]

Yes WE can…Co-Create a Vision!

“Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.” -Ansel Adams I got the quote above in an e-mail today and added it to the feelings that have been circulating in my thoughts since last night. For many years I have firmly believed that we all are creative, that we all posses the spark that can turn dull into … [Read more...]