Profile: Mihailo Vukelic

::: Artist(s) Name::: Mihailo Vukelic ::: Publisher::: (self-published?) Image ::: Website::: ::: 1 ::: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? What’s your favorite color? When did you first realize you were an artist? Did you draw as a kid? Color outside the lines? I grew up in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. At 11 I moved to the U.S. with my family. My favorite color is sepia. I realized I was an artist around 3 or 4, I have memories of those … [Read more...]

Making a Comic in Comic Life Magiq

Comic Life Magiq is an unusual product in plasq's software line, as it's not meant to be a replacement for Comic Life Deluxe. As an avid fan of the latter, I wanted to see if Magiq addressed some of my wishlist in templating and layout for my web comic. For folks not familiar with Comic Life Deluxe by plasq, not to worry. There will be some comparisons with Deluxe throughout the article, but the article is designed to get you going from the ground up. There is an assumption that you already have … [Read more...]

The Tao of Workflow

Like most webcomics on their first year, The Tao of I.T. Al has changed over the months, as the workflow has been changed and refined. Originally I had followed the current "traditional" comics art route with pencils and inked work done with actual graphite, ink and paper.  These were then scanned, cleaned up, and then painted digitally.  Now I work entirely digitally using Corel's Painter for pencils and Adobe Illustrator for inking and coloring. Some backgrounds are … [Read more...]

Aikido Al’s Comic Con Slideshow

San Diego Comic-Con 2008: Mostly highlights of the vast Exhibitor's Hall, with some additional shots of around the convention area. … [Read more...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Part 1: Yikes! (an overview) "Geek is good" said Marc Bernardin, Entertainment Weekly and Senior Editor on Friday's Entertainment Weekly's Filmmakers panel.  That's the second impression you get after the initial shock of the sheer size of the convention.  It is about 200,000 of your closest friends.  This year was the first Comic-Con that sold out entirely through pre-registration.   The central core of Comic-Con is "comics."  In … [Read more...]

Highlights of’s Comic Con 2008 Gallery

Photos by Carl Perry/ … [Read more...]