Design Elegance: lessons from Don Norman

  I stumbled across this series first when watching the TED talk and as normally the case I followed links to other of Don’s Talks. Don addresses a theme that is very critical to us as a culture and that is the role of design in our lives. I remember reading Don’s book “The Design of Everyday Things” back in architecture school and have been captivated and driven by the importance of good design in our lives ever since. Design Elegance Design touches in every part … [Read more...]

Tech Tips: cool software and other stuff

  Software One of the best software bundles released for Mac users over the years has been the MacHeist Bundle. Pretty much on an annual basis MacHeist pulls together the best and most user friendly applications for the Mac for a “Fire” sale which really isn’t one but it seems like it. You can always count on at least one extremely saught high priced app to be included. This time around they have out done themselves by including six applications over $50.00, the … [Read more...]

Rasslers, Ponies and Artists Oh My!

  I saw The Wrestler a couple of weeks ago and have been haunted by the images of Mickey Rourke as Randy “The Ram” Robinson the broken down wrestler trying for a comeback. While the gritty nature of the movie was difficult to watch at times I couldn’t help but see similarities between “The Ram” and the difficulties we as artists are facing today…or at least we think we are. There are three major take-aways that Randy “The Ram” left me … [Read more...]

Are ANTS keeping you stuck?

  How often have you gotten excited about a new body of work or a new show and in anticipation of instant acceptance  and sales said to yourself ” this is my best work yet everybody will love it and I’ll sell out” . And how often have you met with disappointing results leading you to thoughts like these: ” People don’t buy my work because they are dumb” ” Nobody likes my work other wise they would buy it” ” People are … [Read more...]