Review: Acorn 2.0 by Flying Meat

Gus Mueller, the guiding light behind and the newly released version 2.0 of Acorn calls his software "The image editor for humans" and it truly is a moderately priced image editor at US $49.95 with an upgrade from version 1.0 at US $19.95. At 7.8 megabytes in the compressed zip download form, it only takes a brief time to reach your computer. Acorn is a Macintosh only (Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 and later) software this is truly an image editor that is easy to use and … [Read more...]

Some quick terminal keystroke shortcuts

When I made the switch to Mac from Windows one of the things that I enjoyed the most was having access to a full featured console window. The Terminal in OSX is much more powerful than the Command shell in Windows out of the box. Not only do I have quick access to all of the great Unix commands for things like file viewing and management, I can quickly SSH into my remote Linux based servers very easily.Most people are aware of the standard things you can do in a Terminal shell, much like you can … [Read more...]