“Peoplewatch” your way to your perfect buyer

  So the show season is almost in full swing and you are beginning to shlep your stuff hither and yon to all corners of this country. If you are a gallery shower you might be shlepping or you may just be busy cold calling local galleries. Either way now is the time to start thinking about some very important stuff…like where is this artsyfartsy biz of yours going and how can you not starve. Now is the perfect time to start paying attention to those mysterious folks who buy that … [Read more...]

14 ways to come home empty handed

Regardless of how or where you sell you stuff you may be unconsciously causing folks to move on down the road. Because, even though they really want to buy your stuff there is something getting in the way, so they leave your booth, your gallery or your web site. Well what’s the big whoop about that?  Turns out a lot, because you are not only losing that one sale you are likely also losing any other potential sales from that customer just because of that one bad experience. But it … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Back to the Future

Since we are doing this the sensible way and getting all  of our ducks in a row before we  even crack the ballroom door we need to shift the time -space continuum and put you there with your new found outlook. If you just went ahead and blasted your way into that room obsessed with finding somebody anybody to dance with you may or may not have had the results we envisioned when we took a time jumped to get you all fixed up and ready to go. You likely would have been working from the … [Read more...]

Robin Pedrero: Lessons & Advice For Artists

What are the most important lessons you have learned about being an artist and selling your work? I have learned to value my art and time. To not let negative talk infect my work or attitude. I weed toxic people, places and elements out of my life. Stay positive. Build a good comfortable relationship with how money is exchanged for your art. Know how to handle a business transaction, handle it professionally and keep accurate records consistently. I know that it is ok that not everyone will … [Read more...]

Profile: Christy DeKoning, artist

Christy DeKoning grew up in Sydney, Australia. With formal training in singing and classical ballet, Christy worked as a vocalist on the Vancouver music scene in the early 90’s, and then as a Certified Makeup Artist for several years before finally concentrating her career in Fine Arts. In the past several years, Christy has completed over 200 commissioned watercolor portraits for clients worldwide. Christy now lives in Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband, two sons, two cats and … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Courtship The Unlinear Way

Ok… now is the time to really, take a close look at this whole courtship thing and see how it works ….but first let’s revisit everything, briefly. Remember, the steps your buyers will be taking, first there is the sighting and the dance to get acquainted and check each other out and this will take however long it takes ’cause not everybody moves at the same pace. If that goes even slightly well  then you move on to that date, asking her to trust you enough to get … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: anatomy of a courtship

You have your shows lined up or you have already started the routine of schlepping your stuff around the country. You may be hearing about how “nobody’s buying” and sales suck, and because you are an Artsyfartsy Biz person you decide to not let any of the rumors bother you.   Now is a good time to pay attention and recall your understanding of  the courtship between  you and your potential buyers. It doesn’t mater if you are an artsy nomad or a … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Still doing the same old stuff?

Recently a couple of things boinked me on the head (not literally!!) that helped me remember that I needed to remind folks of. See, now is the time especially for those nomadic artists out there to suck it up, kick those old asshabits right were it hurts ’cause you need to focus on doing things different. Because you are coming out of hibernation to a completely different world than was there when you entered you winter sleepy time. Do you need….? So, what were those boinky … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: the thread that unites

  We have talked until the cows came home about how all of your marketing JuJu is really based on what you want that ittybiz of yours to be when it grows up…so all I’m going to say here is revisit your vision. Just sit down or stand if you want, and and re-ask yourself the question “why am I thinking about doing this?” and “what do I want it to be?”  or iif you have already been on the front lines ask ” is my business attracting the type of … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday:pricing and the whole money thing.

Money, Money, Money the mere mention of the word causes many a stomach to tighten, that simple word is the source of  a lot of pain for a lot of folks.  The approaching  outdoor art fair season has caused the annual revisiting of that whole “how much do I charge” thing. So what is the deal with this paper and coin thing? And why does it  cause artists to get all stiff, uptight and downright grumpy? Well…to start with, many of us grew up being told that … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: be a profiler

  Before you can really think about developing a relationship it might be a good idea to think seriously about who it is you want to relate to!! Remember when you were dating you probably didn’t say “I just want a man/woman” that is a pretty big pot to fish in. You most likely had some vision of who a potential date and eventually partner might be, so you may have made a list: No nose picking No spitting Yes good looks Yes likes the outdoors Yes … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: you know you’re already doing it, Right?

  Ya…that thing that starts with an “M” that makes you cring, vomit and curl up in a ball in the corner. And, we have ranted and raved abut this quite a lot so let’s see how you can leverage  what you are doing. You know when you run into that old college friend and it feels like you see each other everyday? You both start asking each other all that “whatcha been up to?” stuff and before you know it your old friendship is not so old anymore. … [Read more...]