YOU 2.0 The New Killer App

  The past Marketing Monday post gave some in depth information and suggestions about twitter and how the whole social networking thing fits together. What follows are some more thoughts and guidelines to help you start sorting things out. The key and absolute most important thing to remember is that you are witnessing a living example of evolution driven by our need to connect, to communicate on whatever level we need and to be able to do so by choice. The evolution is not pretty, and is … [Read more...]

Let’s talk a minute…about what your strategy shouldn’t be

The other day I had a coaching session with one of my clients during which we both had a major light bulb moment.  She was fretting about how all this new stuff would take up her time and keep her from doing what she loves…making art.   The light bulb switched on when I said ….our uses of social media/networking are different, because we have different visions. In fact I would say that each of us have different visions and those visions drive our strategies. ..we … [Read more...]