Review: Cracking Camera Raw by Michael N. Roach


Cracking Camera Raw: The Illustrated Guide To Working With Raw Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5by Michael N. Roach I've just read and appreciated this new work by Dr. Roach on Camera RAW. I was an early adopter of RAW files. After seeing what I could do, even with early versions of Photoshop, I was sold. I learned just enough to actually use the basic features, and got good results (mostly) with my methodology. Adobe CS5 is a game-changer. The Creative Suite's fifth version is bullet-proof on … [Read more...]

Review: Dr. Roach’s Photoshop Tutorial App for the Ipad


Dr. Michael Roach’s newest version of Photoshop tutorial is a hit. Roach takes aim at photographers and artists who are ready to take a systematic, measured approach to learning arguably one of the most difficult photo editing programs to master. With this tutorial open on an iPad in view, a user can go through and unlock many of Photoshop’s mysteries. Systematic is a word that best describes Roach. During his tenure of 30+ years teaching photography at an East Texas university, Roach devised … [Read more...]

For The iPad- Adobe Photoshop CS5: Tutorial for Beginners Available in the Apple Store


If you have noticed my free version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial which has been available here for download at, I have to tell you that Apple has just accepted my Adobe Photoshop CS5—A Tutorial for Beginners as an App in the iPad section of the Apple App Store.Searching by my name from your iPad is the fastest way to find it, and it is available for $3.99 until the first week in October (October 9, to be exact) as a "Back to School Special." After that it returns to its … [Read more...]

A Better Batch Picture Processor Script for Photoshop CS5


In general,  I am fascinated by the scripting possibilities of Photoshop. The unspoken "BUT" is that I have to make a living and lately "A living" means more work for less money so there's more work. So it is just a romantic thought that lingers in the back of my lizard brain hoping to surface when I don't have any work or gardening or cats to feed... I had a problem recently. One that seemed destined to slow my workflow down to a crawl. To fit within a project requirement I needed to somehow … [Read more...]

Photoshop CS4: Rulers, Layers, and Type


This section deals with the use of rulers, layers and type. The most interesting part of this section is the introduction to the use of type as a design element. Why rasterize type or choose to use type as a shape? Text styled in a particular font will lose its shape if the photoshop file is adited, possibly on another machine, without the specified font. Photoshop will attempt to use a substitute font and the look of the original text will be lost. Converting the type to a shape or raterizing … [Read more...]

Download: Dr. Roach’s Photoshop CS4 for Beginners


Update: Now that CS5 version has been released as an app, we are no longer offering this pdf for free However, Adobe Photoshop CS4: An Introduction by Dr. Michael N. Roach is now for sale as a PDF Price: $4.99 Sample Pages: There are still a lot of people using Photoshop CS4 even though Photoshop CS5, and now Photoshop CS5.5, has been out for some time. We were contacted by a few students who are still in need of this information so, in the spirit of sharing, this series … [Read more...]

What is Growl and why is it installed on my mac?


I bought the family pack of Snow Leopard prior to launch. And yet, for someone who has packed up and moved across the country as well as out of the country at a moment's notice, I am resistant to change. At least where my computer is concerned. David Allison and Dr. Roach both upgraded immediately upon receipt and detail their process in separate posts: UPGRADING TO SNOW LEOPARD by David Allison Snow Leopard: One More Installation by Dr. Roach In both cases, the upgrade didn't seem … [Read more...]

Dr. Roach’s Guide to Photoshop CS4 For Beginners: Preferences


There are still a lot of people using Photoshop CS4 even though Photoshop CS5 has been out for some time. In the spirit of sharing, this series of downloadable lecture notes for CS4 is placed online for those who may need some help with the basics of the program. Much of the basics remain unchanged in CS5 and I believe that the original tutorial will prove useful for many of the steps of the revised Photoshop CS5, but there are minor differences sometimes. Originally, these notes were part of … [Read more...]

The Tao of I. T. Al 130

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The Tao of I. T. Al 129

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The Tao of I. T. Al 128

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The Tao of I. T. Al 127

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