The application Mail quit unexpectedly – GrowlMail problems

One of my favorite–yet least mentioned–free utilities is Growl, a universal notification service for Mac that lets applications notify you of events. Now instead of each application deciding on how they want to present notifications for things like new mail, incoming tweets, etc. you can control it in a single place, assuming the application supports Growl or an extension has been written for it. Such is the case with Though is not written to support Growl the developers … [Read more...]

PHPForms: Easy-to-Build Webforms for the Left-Brain Challenged…

Being an artist first, web designer second, my tendency in building a site is to conceptualize what will be more aesthetically pleasing, before function.  This is not to say that I do not think that it is extremely important for a site to be functional and user friendly and ensure that all of my finished sites are. That is just not where my thought process and a designer begins.  There are two types of web “architects”: those who think code and those who think … [Read more...]