Let’s talk a minute…about what your strategy shouldn’t be

The other day I had a coaching session with one of my clients during which we both had a major light bulb moment.  She was fretting about how all this new stuff would take up her time and keep her from doing what she loves…making art.   The light bulb switched on when I said ….our uses of social media/networking are different, because we have different visions. In fact I would say that each of us have different visions and those visions drive our strategies. ..we … [Read more...]

What 2009 will bring and how artists can lead the way.

Over the last few days I spent time scouring the web for forecasting trends related to small businesses that could then be translated to the world of artists especially those relying on art fairs as a major source of sales. What I found was a lot of hope (you read that right!) the catch is that hope will not be realized without a change in the way you do business. What I found might be surprising…a lot of what will be showing up in 2009 in the form of consumer behavior and trends … [Read more...]

Virtual Networking in a Brave New World

The Social Network As It Was. Remember when networking was something that was accomplished at blazer-wearing cocktail parties and on the golf course followed by a cocktail?  Even if you don’t remember that, one must realize historically there was such a thing.  Leaving the house and beating the streets socially was absolutely the only way possible to network in the community and create a name, credibility and resource.  It was an era of creating importance amongst people … [Read more...]

A CASE STUDY: finding and exterminating artistic ANTS

The last post on this subject closed with a description of the process but to really make it work we need to look at it as artists. To do so we are going to have another conversation with our friend Sarah who has been struggling to make a living with her art. ” So Sarah, you look particularly discouraged today, what’s up?” ” Well, I just feel forever stuck in a rut of never making enough from my art to support myself.” she said. ” I can’t figure it … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: how to use the Y-Factor

Have you ever wondered how you could steer more buyers your way as they flood into the streets the first morning of a show or how you can get more buyers into your gallery show? More importantly I am sure many of you have wondered, just like me, what drives that mob to roost, what causes them to choose one artist over another? The traditional method of drawing buyers has been to stand out in the crowd, to be obviously different than your competition. As working artists we thought it made … [Read more...]

Four steps to exterminating your ANTS

The last part of this discussion ended by pointing out that the two most common ways of ridding ourselves of ANTS (automatic negative thoughts)  through shear  will power will just make them more powerful and likewise denial will also cause them to take over our lives. However, there is hope and there is a way… A while back I learned about  my ANTS by using a very simple tool developed by Byron Katie. She had been struggling with almost a decade long bout of depression … [Read more...]