A Different Look at Creativity IV: Home Depot & Getting Started

The last parts of this series looked at the needs of creatives and tried to match those needs with the tools available. The goal of all of this was to  set out a basic palette of available choices to provide a little background. Everyone does this whether they know it or not when they encounter something new much like a person who wants to build something does to understand how to join two or more parts together….they know there are tools out there to put things together but they … [Read more...]

Check Your Brand Wellness

Just as you regularly go to your Doc for wellness checks you should also be doing the same thing with your brand.  The pulse of your brand’s heart and subsequent ability to circulate your message through out you tribe is extremely important to your success. You should make it a habit to check its’ health several times a year.  The best way to do this is to ask your tribe through a survey. … [Read more...]

Recipes, Rules and Heretics

Today while walking my pal Loki I started thinking about recipes and how they differed from deeper and broader approaches to a problem. For many years I did a lot of baking from cookies to cakes to french Brioche and I remembered that I always new what I was going to make, if it was bread I knew whether I wanted whole wheat or oat bread. I would pull the recipe from my file review the ingredients and then begin. this is where most people would continue…following the recipe, addint the right … [Read more...]