Evernote for your iPad

Okay Mac addicts, if you’re still debating the necessity of Apple’s new iPad, I know how you feel. Heart telling you “GO GET IT”, head asking “DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS?” Well, playing for the heart team, Evernote, has given you just one more reason the iPad can be handy for just about everyone. Here is what the iPad and Evernote, together, can to do keep your life organized on the go... … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: What’s all the twitter about?

Did you know that the first report and photo on the recent airplane crash in the Hudson river came from a passenger on a ferry heading to the crash site? Big deal right? Well, it is because the passenger used his iPhone to capture the photo and send the news our over Twitter. The photo and story was picked up by the media but all those connected to the guy with the iPhone got the news first. I was connected to someone who was connected to him and got the news almost instantly. The same thing … [Read more...]