Evernote for your iPad

Okay Mac addicts, if you’re still debating the necessity of Apple’s new iPad, I know how you feel. Heart telling you “GO GET IT”, head asking “DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS?” Well, playing for the heart team, Evernote, has given you just one more reason the iPad can be handy for just about everyone. Here is what the iPad and Evernote, together, can to do keep your life organized on the go... … [Read more...]

More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

  A couple of days ago I was alerted to new Twitter client thing to help you with your twitterings  the big whoop about this is that it is exclusive for Mac users and designed to work like a normal Mac applications. While I still have a lot of affection for TweetDeck it does have some issues that I don’t like…mainly its’ resource vacuuming tendencies and unwillingness to let go of memory. The latest release addressed the memory issue and seemed to have improved … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: doing your due diligence

  Back in the PI (pre-internet) era if you wanted to learn how your market thought, how they made their buying decisions and what they bought you really had little in the way of accurate research tools to draw on. You could set up a focus group and have folks tell you what you wanted to hear, you could crunch numbers based on sales of different things you sold, you could guess. There were also the usual mathematical formulas that could tell you the probability that someone would by one … [Read more...]

TweetDeck vs Nambu vs Tweetie

I've become quite attached to Twitter lately, as several of my blog posts will attest. I use it for a wide range of things; a source of news (technical and non-technical), to chat with friends and share things I find of interest, to ask and answer questions on Macs, Ruby on Rails, etc. and finally to banter about my favorite sports teams (Redskins and Caps, thank you very much).Given this wide range of uses I tend to be accessing my Twitter feeds throughout the day and the web interface simply … [Read more...]

OpenDNS, a great free way to speed up the interwebs

Last night I was doing some research and went to pull up the Ruby On Rails site. Unfortunately when I did I could not connect. My DNS server wasn't resolving it properly. Assuming it was Verizon's problem I embarked on a long and ultimately fruitless attempt to find out why rubyonrails.org was not resolving. While doing this I tweeted about it and suddenly got responses from people explaining that there were some problems with that domain name. It wasn't the Verizon DNS server after all.So … [Read more...]

Baby Shaking Apps and Other Challenges for Apple’s App Store

My wife and I were going through our morning routine, eating breakfast and reading the newspaper when suddenly she said "I can't believe Apple!". We share many core beliefs—especially on politics—so I usually give her a nod, offer a "Yup" and continue reading my section. Me: "What about Apple?" Wife: "They have a shaking baby iPhone application!!! This is outrageous!" Me: "Honey, Apple didn't make that application." Wife: "Well they had it in the App Store. That's just stupid." I … [Read more...]

Nambu makes Twitter feel natural for Mac users

For a while now I've been using TweetDeck to access my Twitter account. While I love many of the features that TweetDeck has made popular I always struggle with the UI. Though it's quite usable the fact that it's built on top of Adobe Air means it doesn't look quite right on my Mac's OS X desktop.I've tried a number of different Twitter clients for Mac but none worked quite as well as TweetDeck did for me. Then along came Nambu, which is still in beta. Nambu looks and feels like a normal OS X … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Twitter!!

  The original blueprint D twitter Ohhhh my lile brdie who’d a thunk it? I mean really…when U were born U wer so small & look at U now Dtwitter ‘member how everybody just said Soooo? But U hung in there, U knew my litle 1 Dtwitter when U turned 1 peeps thought U were so cute and a few found their inner tweets Dtwitter U jumped out of that nest and started really tweeting for all U were worth & U started being heard Dtwitter now everybody is busy … [Read more...]

Artist Alert: watch this now!

 If you have doubts about all this tech stuff and why you need it to succeed from here on out watch this video! Then tell me what you think…is it all hooey do artists really need to do this? Obviously, I think so and I think the sooner the better! Our replacements are in school now or close to getting out how god of an example are you being? Are you leading the way for their future also by showing them how they can integrate art with technology with community … [Read more...]

Need to shorten URLs? Give Bit.ly a try

I always ignored URL shortening services in the past; what was the point? My e-mail systems always seemed to handle URLs automatically, forums that I frequented usually shortened the URLs for me and more often than not if I needed a URL in a blog post I created a hyperlink. It wasn't until I started using Twitter quite a bit that I started to appreciate a really small URL. When you have 140 characters to express your thoughts and you are as verbose as I am, every single character counts.Not long … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: building your on-line list

  Last week we talked about why your list was one of the absolute most important parts of your  business and that you had to approach the problem using both off-line and online tactics. This week we are gong to focus on on-line techniques and how to combine the two into a system. Call to action The key to having a successful on line list is getting people to sign up and in order for that to happen they have to first get to your blog. Driving people to your blog is one of the … [Read more...]

Twitter and the Daily Show

Jon Stewart and Sam Bee talk about Twitter, twitterers,twits,tweets and those who use them. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c Twitter Frenzy comedycentral.com Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis … [Read more...]