Marketing Monday: Off-line Tactics

    2day we’re going take a break from twits & upd8s and take a look at the other part of your marketing strategy…how to develop an off line strategy that compliments and supports your on-line efforts.There are three key elements to this strategy: Your list Your list Your list In the past we relied solely on one time mailings of our show schedule or post card to those on our mailing list frequently with little or no results. I know from my own … [Read more...]

Dan Schorr meets Twitter Even 90 year olds get it

  Recently on NPR weekend edition Scott Simon shows Daniel Shorr (90) how to twitter….listen to Dan’s comparison of Twitter to the Greek Agora or marketplace.   Next NPR Soapbox vlogger Jacob Soboroff reports on “technophobic” and some of the tools we have been using to communicate.   So if a 90 year old sees value in on-line communications what are you afraid of? Maybe it is time to re-visit your ANTS. Share and Enjoy: … [Read more...]

Featured Blogs…something new

  Over the past few weeks I have been working on creating ways to feature Artists and their blogs in a way that encourages them to grow. Two of the ways I have come up with are Adding a feature blog Holding contests built around learning However, I have been stewing about the “How” details wanting to make it “just right” before I launched it. As all to often happens when we get stuck “chasing our tails” something unexpected shows up to … [Read more...]

Featured Blog: Inspiration Flirtation

  Today is the first of our Featured Blogs, to read more about the What,Why and Hows check out the description page. Today’s first came to me by suprise as many things often do. The Blog was started by Christina (Tina) Wessels and her blog is about Inspiration and how many of us flirt with our creativity but never really hookup with it. But it is more than just about “almost” it is about naming and honoring the creative seed that resides in all of us, the little urgings … [Read more...]

Real Time Twitter strategy continued

I forgot to include this in last week’s Twitter post… TIP/REMINDER: I mentioned this in Monday’s  MM…when you create your message using Tweetlater or Hootsuite ,also create a unique hash tag for the location/show it might look like this #bwstkate09. This will create a search page for all who are receiving your message to go to and join in the conversation…kinda like a mini forum. It will also help ensure that the tweet doesn’t get missed because all … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

  So far we have talked about Twitter and building a following by finding the right followers and developing your connections with them. We are almost done with this part of of our marketing strategy. Today I want to re-visit the overall strategy as well as focus on some on going things you should be doing after you have your Twitter following going. Strategic summary or where are we going again? When we started on this journey I described the two general courses of action: … [Read more...]

Social Proof in Real Time

Found on  Chris Brogan’s feed recently…an excellent example of how social media and Twitter specifically can be used by businesses in the LA Times. Watch the video and read the article it is social proof that the opt-in/permission based techniques now being implemented work far better than the old ways. Conversations work, engagement works, connection works and the beauty of it is anybody can do it and any business that wants to succeed from here on out will need to know how to … [Read more...]

Real time Twitter strategy

This will be a live (relatively speaking) series demonstrating my actual use of Twitter as part of a marketing and promotion campaign. The campaign is for an arts organization I help, it’s name is Artists’ Circle and it puts on three shows here in the Twin cities each year. The organization is entirely artist run their first show is coming up in March and the next in the summer. The organization had very limited web presence until last spring when I set up their blog, they have … [Read more...]

See what twitter can do for the world

  A lot of people still can’t figure out point of Twitter. We have been stressing it’s world wide connection ability as a tool to bring people together organized around an infinite number of subjects and objectives. Here is an existing live event organized as Twestival to help bring water to those in need. As I have said before Twitter is one tool in the box of Social Media and all have one basic purpose to build transparrency, eliminate barriers and give us the choice to … [Read more...]

Twitterific…some basics

 I just found these two videos during my morning wake-up & coffee time and I just had to share them. The first one does an excellent job of explaining what Twitter is all about and why it is taking over the business world. The second one, while kinda long, uses a real world artist example of how both a blog and twitter can really help your sales and build a loyal following. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Finding the right Followers

As I indicated Tuesday one of the first and most important things to do on setting up your Twitter account is to pay attention to your profile. Your profile is the window into your life and your business and it should reflect who you are and what you do. If yoiu are going to use Twitter to connect your network it will save time and be good branding to have a consistant profile wherever you touch potential followers. An easy way to do that is to have a good “About Page on your blog and link … [Read more...]

Authentically Human

  Image by Angela Radulescu via Flickr What is authenticity? Is it being honest? is it really being personable? Is it defined by interaction or presence? Artists I would argue are considered authentic because of their presence, because the nature of their work is honest and because they are human. But they can’t survive by just showing up…they have to engage also. And therein lies the crux of the answer. Starbucks or GM can have signs all over their stores … [Read more...]