Faster, Pantone, Kill, Kill

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First Look At CS5

Creative Suite 5 is out, and it's got bells and whistles.  I am hesitant to call it a game changer.  Just better bells and whistles.  Here are some highlights that immediately jumped out at me: Photoshop, Premiere, and Aftereffects are now 64 bit.  Snow Leopard users should see an improvement in performance as a result, especially in video preview and playback. Photoshop junkies...the content awareness capability is actually "all that".  I can't wait to try it.  Of equal importance is the new … [Read more...]

MacHeist Bundle 3…is it for artists?

  Last week I talked breifly about the MacHeist bundle something I generally take part in. Since then, I’ve received a few questions asking about the literacy level of the apps. So first, they are pretty basic but more importantly the question you should be asking yourself is whether the apps will help you do what you do. I generally buy the bundle for two reasons: 1. It’s a good cause and 2. It is a really good way to get some higher priced software at a much discounted rate. … [Read more...]

Artist Alert: watch this now!

 If you have doubts about all this tech stuff and why you need it to succeed from here on out watch this video! Then tell me what you think…is it all hooey do artists really need to do this? Obviously, I think so and I think the sooner the better! Our replacements are in school now or close to getting out how god of an example are you being? Are you leading the way for their future also by showing them how they can integrate art with technology with community … [Read more...]

The Tao of I.T. Al #58

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The Tao of I.T. Al #55

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Skitch makes it easy to annotate pics

Though Skitch has apparently been around for a while now I didn't hear about it until I saw a Merlin Mann's video on how he has his Mac desktop set up. For those that don't follow Merlin's stuff you really should. Since I tend to write about software that I find for my Mac quite a bit I drop in a lot of screen shots. Since Macs have an excellent built in screen capture capability I often just used that, pushing Command-Shift-4 to activate it and drop the resulting capture as a PNG on my … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Show & Tell helping your buyers visualize

Do you know that many people want to buy your work but don’t have the ability to visualize it in their homes or offices? For many, their buying decision is based on whether they can picture whatever it is they are contemplating in their own home or office environment. Most people do not have the ability to visualize,something we often take for granted by assuming that everybody can see what we see. We can help potential buyers by showing them how our work can fit into their environment. … [Read more...]