Artist Alert: watch this now!

 If you have doubts about all this tech stuff and why you need it to succeed from here on out watch this video! Then tell me what you think…is it all hooey do artists really need to do this? Obviously, I think so and I think the sooner the better! Our replacements are in school now or close to getting out how god of an example are you being? Are you leading the way for their future also by showing them how they can integrate art with technology with community … [Read more...]

Tech Tips for the left brain challenged

  Starting today we will have another regularly scheduled series. This series will be focused on technology tips and short cuts that can help artists. We will include tips for beginners as well as experienced computer and internet users. The series will be called  Tech Tips ( pretty creative uhh?). The idea for the series was one of those light bulb moments( actually more like a DUHHHHH! Moment) that occurred while helping a client. This client along with many who were not born … [Read more...]

Thing One and Thing Two Meet the Bhudda: Part III

  The Buddha & The Slide Show Ok…here is where the light bulb above the head gets switched on. There was once an old Buddhist who maintained that the tenets of life can be boiled down to knowing the difference between  the actions of the heart and the heart or even more basic being able to see the space. Being able to see life as apposed to just the events of life. Now before I go all Zen on you just hold on! How many have seen an old school slide show? You know the … [Read more...]

Twitter and the Daily Show

Jon Stewart and Sam Bee talk about Twitter, twitterers,twits,tweets and those who use them. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c Twitter Frenzy Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis … [Read more...]

Dan Schorr meets Twitter Even 90 year olds get it

  Recently on NPR weekend edition Scott Simon shows Daniel Shorr (90) how to twitter….listen to Dan’s comparison of Twitter to the Greek Agora or marketplace.   Next NPR Soapbox vlogger Jacob Soboroff reports on “technophobic” and some of the tools we have been using to communicate.   So if a 90 year old sees value in on-line communications what are you afraid of? Maybe it is time to re-visit your ANTS. Share and Enjoy: … [Read more...]

Featured Blog: Inspiration Flirtation

  Today is the first of our Featured Blogs, to read more about the What,Why and Hows check out the description page. Today’s first came to me by suprise as many things often do. The Blog was started by Christina (Tina) Wessels and her blog is about Inspiration and how many of us flirt with our creativity but never really hookup with it. But it is more than just about “almost” it is about naming and honoring the creative seed that resides in all of us, the little urgings … [Read more...]

Another Dose of Twitter Tips

  Gain more reach through retweets A retweet is when someone you are following adds RT to the front your tweet…big whoop!! Right? Well actually it is because those two letters send your tweet off to the retweeter’s network and is one of the ways information goes viral ( spreads fast).There’s a catch tho’ just because you tweet or ask for a RT doesn’t mean that your precious tweet will be spread around. So there are some simple points to keep in mind when … [Read more...]

Real Time Twitter strategy continued

I forgot to include this in last week’s Twitter post… TIP/REMINDER: I mentioned this in Monday’s  MM…when you create your message using Tweetlater or Hootsuite ,also create a unique hash tag for the location/show it might look like this #bwstkate09. This will create a search page for all who are receiving your message to go to and join in the conversation…kinda like a mini forum. It will also help ensure that the tweet doesn’t get missed because all … [Read more...]

Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

  So far we have talked about Twitter and building a following by finding the right followers and developing your connections with them. We are almost done with this part of of our marketing strategy. Today I want to re-visit the overall strategy as well as focus on some on going things you should be doing after you have your Twitter following going. Strategic summary or where are we going again? When we started on this journey I described the two general courses of action: … [Read more...]

Social Proof in Real Time

Found on  Chris Brogan’s feed recently…an excellent example of how social media and Twitter specifically can be used by businesses in the LA Times. Watch the video and read the article it is social proof that the opt-in/permission based techniques now being implemented work far better than the old ways. Conversations work, engagement works, connection works and the beauty of it is anybody can do it and any business that wants to succeed from here on out will need to know how to … [Read more...]

The Missing Piece in Selling your Work.

A  Conversation Not Heard How do you describe your work? When you are talking to someone about your work, be it someone in your booth, gallery or just the person behind you in the coffee line. How do you describe the nature of your work? Many will describe their work in terms of function and features and describe themselves as the maker of the work, the one who knows how to incorporate standard features. The potter describing her pots to a potential buyer will often talk in terms of the … [Read more...]

Self Investment: your # 1 intention in a down economy

  Self investment from here on out should be focused on finding and using the best tools and techniques to build a network of enthusiastic followers. A crucial part of self investment during a down economy is to start recognizing that you have to change the way you think about your business. You will need to expand what you do best…thinking creatively about not only your art but also your direction. Think about how many negative messages you are getting about the current economy … [Read more...]