The monster is back and wants my MacBook

Not long ago I wrote about how I had created a monster with my youngest child, the soon to be 13 year old and very computer savvy little girl that would like me to get her a Mac. With my primary Windows machine on the way out she began to pounce. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, she knew that some funds were being freed up and that this was a good time to push for her getting a MacBook for her birthday next month.
"Daddy, you keep telling me how great your Macs are but I have to use this old Dell. Are you trying to torture me?"

"So Daddy, can I get your MacBook if you get a new MacBook Pro?"

"You know Daddy, if I get a MacBook I’ll stop bothering you"
She can reel these off, one after the other, barely pausing to take a breath. Forget water-boarding as a means to extract information from people, just point a pre-teen girl at them and ask her to start with the questions. Still, other than the nagging she is a really great kid. She gets excellent grades and is a very responsible young lady—I couldn’t be more proud of her. I also love that fact that she is into computers so I think it’s time I came through for her and gave her my MacBook and picked up a MacBook Pro for myself.
I’m even going to pretend it was my idea and not hers.
Looking at the MacBook Pro
If I had to pick one thing that I would change on my MacBook it would be the size of the display. While it’s fine for most things I really would like to be able to do my development work on it more easily and a higher resolution would help tremendously. For now I use Spaces and Exposé though ideally I want three windows open and visible at the same time: TextMate, Terminal and Firefox. Viewing the source code in a reasonably sized text editor, running my web application in Firefox and watching the results from the console at the same time are often important.
When I was at the Apple store earlier in the week I tried out both the 15" and 17" MacBook Pros. The 17" MacBook Pro is gorgeous, though it’s a bit large for what I need. Since I already have a Mac Pro as my primary desktop the MacBook is really a travel machine. The 15" version seemed like the right compromise between size and screen resolution.
Of the two available I will be going with the 2.4GHz version – I can’t justify the money for the 2.5GHz version. With the details out of the way I’m going to pull the trigger as soon as the funds come in from the sale of the Windows XP machine, maybe as soon as this weekend. I don’t know who’s more excited, me or my daughter.
On to the Questions
Since many of the folks that read this blog are much more knowledgeable than I on Macs I could use a little help. First off I would like to move the 320GB hard drive from the MacBook to the MacBook Pro. Can I literally just swap them out or does it require a full reinstall of OS X on each machine for it to work properly? My gut feel is to just reformat / reinstall OS X and my applications, then restore my data from backups.
Replacing the hard drive on a MacBook is incredibly simple. Is the same true on a 15" MacBook Pro?
I bumped the memory in the MacBook up to 4GB. Can I swap the memory between the MacBook and MacBook Pro? Do they use the same RAM?
Anything else I should know or be concerned with before getting the MacBook Pro? I really appreciate any advice offered here folks. Thanks in advance!
PS – My daughter thanks you too.